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No I am most certainly not Dizzy!  I'm an older more mature lady of 12 who recently lost my owner.  But, I'm up to new adventures and a new lap to sit on.  My coloring is that of a subtle tabby – somewhat muted but of course stunning.  As I said, I love laps and bird watching and people watching.  I'm gentle and happy and just waiting to meet you – but hurry I won’t be here long. Laser lights and catnip are interesting and fun to play with but really I'm all about a lap and a window to watch the world.

I'm Fargo  - the lady in the house.  And of course the most stunning feline here.  I'm all black and gold with a gold stripe down my nose.  If you are willing to spend time with me I'll let you know a secret, I love to lick your hand, and head butt.  Please make sure you have a laser light when you bring me home – that's totally my thing!  I love the attention here, but really want less noise from the dogs and two of the other felines here! If you would like to enjoy Fargo’s senior years with her come meet her today!

I'm Alex, a stunning grey and white five year old boy.  My passion is catnip and toys on strings, followed by food.  I came in with an attitude but don’t take that against me as I'm just a little surprised at being here.  You'll find me quietly enjoying my bed, and interested in what's going on here.  I'm very alert and really like people to talk quietly to me and gently approach my temporary home with slow motions and care for my space!  Ha, I know you humans understand "space"!  Can you please bring me home where I can have a soft bed, a window to see the outdoors and toys to play with?

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