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I'm Baker and probably the first cat you'll hear as you enter this shelter. Yes, I like to be heard! A boy must be heard here for food and loving and attention, and I want lots of all of that! I know all about giving love right back to you. I'm black with a little dash of white; 10 years young – nope don’t act my age and, why should I? Laser lights and catnip are fun, but being stroked and talked with – now there's what it's all about! I am diabetic but with my strict diet, I am in remission - woo hoo! I want to get into a home where I can be king of the abode, so come on down and let’s meet!


My name is Hunter and just like a hunter I watch everything that's happening around here.  Watch the people who are great and enjoy the sounds around me.  I can be a little shy but don’t mistake that for anything but shyness.  I'm a youngster of 1 ½ years old and love to play with toys that make noise and catnip.  Please understand though that when you give me catnip my bedding will be a mess!  Also, I'm very fussy about my litter box.  I have this habit of covering up my business with whatever is near.  Many times, it's my bedding!  If you're looking for a playful grey and cream youngster come on in!  We'll be great friends.


Mahogany is a petite one year old who was found with 5 (yup, 5!) kittens who are presently in a foster home getting big and ready for their own adoption.  This absolute sweetheart will roll over and show you her cute little belly and beg for scratches and pets.  Her short hair is a deep, rich brown/black, hence her name.  Beautiful on the inside and out!

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