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I’m Carmela and looking for my Tony who is most definitely not here at Quincy Animal Shelter.  I was very well taken care of at a local senior citizens place being fed and loved by all and felt there was no need to be picky about what was offered so I ate it all!  So now I must watch my curves.  I do know how to have lots of fun and exercise.  You know that catnip stuff – well put that on a toy and watch me do yoga – I’ll have you laughing hysterically!  We should do laps inside your house together and find a nice window seat where I can chase squirrels with my eyes or take a much needed nap.  I’m just six years old so we will have many years together and I will grace your home with color and love.

Meet: LUCY

Lucy came to us very pregnant, just a little over one year old herself.  We put her into foster care to have her kittens in a safe, stress-free environment. On May 30, she gave birth to 5 kittens!  Her foster has told us that Lucy was an excellent mother.  Now that her kittens are weaned, Lucy has been spayed and is ready to be adopted.  Lucy is vocal, especially about food.   She is very curious whenever her foster was in the kitchen.  She believes Lucy was saying, “Where’s my food? Where’s my cold water? Where’s my treat?”  She is affectionate and is a purrer.   However, you do need to watch her body language because, as a typical cat, she makes the rules.  Although she asks to be pet, after a few strokes, she’s done and will tell you!  Usually with a paw swipe, but sometimes with a light “love” bite, which means she doesn’t break skin.  She’s just sending a message.  Now that she doesn’t have kittens to protect, this behavior may change, but if you know cats - there are no guarantees!  Her hobbies are following her people around, playing with cat toys, and sitting at a window watching birds - who she tries to catch!  When she sees cats or dogs, she hisses and growls, so we do think she is best as an only pet.


I’m Liser the 2-year-old girl who loves to head butt anything I can find.  Yup anything.  So much so that I’ve managed to move my litter box around my space and turned it over.  I’m grey, brown and white and know how to talk, although since there are others here who do too, I’m not competing with them.  Somehow, I always make a mess of my space – sorry but I’m trying to make it better for me!  I know I’ll make you laugh and we can play well together and enjoy many years of fun!

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