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Meet: TOTO

Toto, I've a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore. Nope, we’re at the shelter, hoping for that home sweet home over the rainbow.  We agree that there’s no place like home, especially if there are cats in that home. Toto, a seven-year-old tortie, has been withdrawn ever since her feline partner died. Perhaps with new love (including that of a new feline partner) she will, like Tinman, find her heart again. Click your heels together and follow the yellow brick road to QAS to see this sweet girl. Together maybe you can be each other's magic.

Hi there, do you have a great lap for me? Well I’m all yours then.  I have a whole lot of love to give as a gentleman cat; I love to tuck my head in the crook of your arm and snuggle.  I’m all black and at 8 years of age, am in the prime of my life. I would love to join you in your quiet home where I can find peace (it’s noise here!), catnip, good food, a soft bed and sunlight. I take a pill a day to help my tummy process foods, but you can just put that right into some tuna or a treat and voila, I’m good.  I’m a gentle soul who will give you a lifetime of love.

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