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Kiddee here – yeah what a name but I do answer to it so it is what it is!  I’m a mature female tabby with white chest and black, gold and grey stripes.  I’m told I’m gorgeous (whatever that means), but really all I want is a home to roam around in.  I'm here and ready to start my next adventure, preferably in a quiet home with lots of love.  Once I feel safe, I’ll give you lots of love in return.  I’m not a fan of catnip, but would you please buy me a laser light?   I have FIV but clearly that hasn't stopped me from living a long, healthy life because I've lived inside my whole life!   And if you have a sunny window for bird watching that will seal the deal.


At just 7 months old these two bonded brothers are as sweet as they are handsome.  Simba (the rounder,  fluffier one) acts like a teddy bear come to life! He will hop on your lap & snuggle there as long as you let him. Nicky can't sit still when there is a toy to chase. Both are very gentle, lovable and quiet  cats. ( but they make up for not meowing with their constant purring! Hold your ears!) If you can provide some regular brushing for their gorgeous long fluffy fur, and lots of love and attention then these might be the boys for you! They are ready to go and are sure to double the pleasure and double the fun in your home! Please come to QAS to meet them. If you have been looking for family cats, they would likely be good candidates for a family with gentle, responsible children.

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