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Tyler here, looking for love. Oh I am a love and know all about head butts and purring and rubbing. I'm a handsome dude with many shades of grey, white paws and a raccoon tail. I'm not a talker like the one above me who has no manners! I have manners and like my space clean and neat. Oh please tell me you have catnip. That's my fave….. And I need space as I'm a good size. If you enjoy quiet times spent together I'm all in and can't wait for you to come and visit. You'll find me waiting patiently for you to rescue me!

I’m that very special one of a kind kittie...really!  My gentlemanly name is Robert which truly suits me as it’s a regal name and I do so look like a lion. I came in looking like what the cat dragged in, but after suffering through a thorough grooming and coat trim, I have a really cool mane and tipped tail.  Now I like being brushed too keep me looking spiffy. I am two years old and quite a talker and a stalker of toys. A hunter (also of toys) and any type of toys are fine by me especially if there’s catnip around.  Lots of space and windows to watch the world are wonderful.  I am spoiled here with a big room and a window, but I deserve all the attention and love I get. If you want me to grace your home, you’d best come in quickly to meet me, as I know I’m a great catch!

Meet: SOX

Sox is a medium-long haired black kittie with a white chest and paws. She was brought in by a Good Samaritan. Some cats need an adjustment period when they come into the shelter, as new sounds and smells make them timid and wary. Sox doesn’t need adjustment time - she is ready to go home! This is a 2-year-old affectionate lady who obviously remembers a loving, but now lost, home. She was thin and hungry, and her coat had some tangles, but she is doing wonderful. She is very soft and enjoys being brushed.  Sox will not be here for long so, if you are looking for a beautiful, loving companion, please come in and meet her.

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