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Meet: MIDNIGHT   (to view more photos, click here)

Midnight here and you guessed it I'm all black.  I just turned 13 but you’d never know it!  I’m young at heart, and I simply love food first and then people – but if you're a person with food well I'm all over you!  I do enjoy being held and stroked and you'd never guess my age with the amount of energy I have.  No quietness with me.  I can be vocal – usually when hungry and I'm a loud purrer.  I’m hyperthyroid but that’s no big deal – wrap my tiny pill in a treat and I’ll never know the difference!  Wouldn't you love to meet me?

Meet: TYLER   (To view more photos, click here)

Tyler here, looking for love.  Oh I am a love and know all about head butts and purring and rubbing.  I'm a handsome dude with many shades of grey, white paws and a raccoon tail.  I'm not a talker like the one above me who has no manners!  I have manners and like my space clean and neat.  Oh please tell me you have catnip.  That's my fave…..  And I need space as I'm a good size.   If you enjoy quiet times spent together I'm all in and can't wait for you to come and visit.  You'll find me waiting patiently for you to rescue me!


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