Adopt a Kitten

Here's how you and your family can adopt an adorable kitten from QAS (when we have them!)
  • When a kitten comes into QAS, they are checked out by our Medical Manager who depending on their age may give them a de-worming medication, a flea preventative and an initial distemper vaccination. They will then go into a foster home until they are eight weeks old. At eight weeks, the kittens are given a routine physical examination by a licensed Veterinarian and are scheduled to be either spayed or neutered and micro-chipped.
  • All kittens are kept in QAS Approved Foster Homes. This allows our kittens to be safe and learn what it is like to live in a home and learn important socialization skills from either their own Mom or from their human foster care Mom. Keeping kittens out of the Shelter also protects them from catching airborne illnesses that might not affect an older cat but could be life threatening to a young kitten.
  • Once cleared for adoption, the foster parents bring the kittens to the Shelter during our normal Adoption days & times.
  • Potential adopters may place a hold on a kitten and complete an adoption application. The application can be processed in about 48 to 72 hours.
  • The adoption fee is $175.00 per kitten. If your kitten is 8 weeks old at the time of adoption, you will need to take the kitten to a Veterinarian to complete the required vaccinations at your expense. The cost of these two Veterinary visits can be around $100.00 - just remember different Veterinarians may/will have different charges, so that amount could vary. QAS accepts cash and credit cards.
  • We strongly suggest that adopters consider adopting two kittens at once if they have no other pets and are away from home for several hours each day.
  • We ask that anyone who is thinking to adopt a pet has seriously considered all aspects of pet ownership. A kitten is only a kitten for a few months. Cats can live for 15 to 20 years. Food, litter and vet care costs are typically low costs, but accidents and illnesses can occur and will cost money.
  • If adopters do not find the kitten of their dreams, we will accept a "Kitten Pre-approval" application and once approved you can pick out the kitten of your choice.
  • Because kittens are adopted so quickly, their photos are not shown on our website.