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If you have a special pet that has passed on, and you would like us to remember on this page, please send a photo and/or a short story to:
Quincy Animal Shelter, P.O. Box 690088, Quincy MA 02269

You may also EMAIL your information and a photo (.JPG or .GIF format please).

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In Memory of Domino and Ziggy

We adopted Domino (tuxedo) in the summer of 2001 from QAS, he was the cutest kitten and he had me hook line and sinker when he licked my glasses. Domino was a character but we found that he was lonely and adopted another kitten about two weeks later named Ziggy. Ziggy was the total opposite of Domino very skittish and was afraid, but the bond that Domino and Ziggy shared over the years was unbreakable. Domino brought Ziggy out of his shell. When I look back at all the pictures you rarely found one without the other, the really loved each other. 
We lost Ziggy to pancreatitis and kidney disease in August 2016, he didn’t go out alone I held him in my arms as he passed to the rainbow bridge.  Domino was lost without his partner in crime, but he continued on since his love for his papa was huge.  But he started losing weight and if you knew Domino he loved food, so we knew something was wrong, after several trips to the vet without a concrete diagnosis, in early November he went downhill very quickly and we made the second hardest decision to help him cross to the rainbow bridge in November 2017, the angel of mercy who helped him believed he had cancer, he came into our lives and brought joy and love, Domino was one of a kind, and till the end he loved us both.
 These two characters came into our life right before we got married and gave us so much love over there lifetime. We only wish it could have forever, missed each and every day by both of us.
- John & Suzanne Krikorian
  Bridgewater, MA

In Memory of Yoda

Yoda passed over Rainbow Bridge 5/3/18 at 13 years of age. Our family adopted Yoda 6 years ago when we got a call from the shelter asking us if we would consider taking in a third Chinese Crested. Without hesitation and sight unseen we told the caller to bring him to our home. To meet Yoda was to love him. A skinny little hairless guy with very few teeth and an adorable tongue hanging out the side of his mouth, he adapted to his new home and two sisters Fantasia and Amber pretty quickly.  He made a few mistakes around the house but caught on quickly to his sisters using the fenced yard and became very proficient at asking to go outside when he needed to.  He surely picked the dad in our family as his soulmate and where ever dad went Yoda followed. He loved lounging out on the pool deck and even took a swim or two over the years. He unfortunately experienced liver disease in the last year or so and finally passed today after a fierce battle with the disease. Small but mighty was our little guy and he will live in our memories forever.    

The Smith Family 
Weymouth, MA

In Memory of Captain and Sophie

My boyfriend and I lost his dog, Captain (jack russell) three months ago and lost our Sophie (boxer/mastiff) on the 4th of July when she fell victim to a horrible and traumatic boat accident.  Our hearts and home have never been so empty.  We find comfort knowing these two pals are reunited and running circles around each other in doggy heaven.  As for now, we are looking into adopting a new dog who can soak up all the love that currently has nowhere to go!  Rest in peace Crazy Captain and Sweet Sophie <3

Jill and Nick

In Memory of Roslyn

In March of 2015, still new to Massachusetts due to a recent move from New York, my fiancé and I adopted Roslyn (previously named Sprinkles) into our home. At the time, I was living alone, waiting for my fiancé’s eventual job transfer and for him to join me. In those months, Roslyn became my companion, best friend, and my family. She would snuggle up with me to sleep, and more times that not, I would go to bed with her by my side and wake to her in the same spot. Though Roslyn had medical issues, it didn’t stop her from being a perfectly loving cat. During one of her regular vet visits, we found a mass in her stomach. Sadly, Roslyn passed away in my arms, on Tuesday, February 21st. Though our time with her was short, we gave her all the love we had, and we will miss her dearly.

<3 - Jen and Tim

In Memory of Snowy

We picked up Snowy August 27, 2002, we had him almost 14 years - just one month short. The vets told us that he was somewhere between 2-5 when we adopted him. Snowy was found abandoned in an apartment with his sister Dharma- the vets believed that they were left for 2 weeks without food. Needless to say, they were emaciated. Despite this trauma, Snowy was the most trusting and loving dog you could meet. I remember walking by someone's house and they told me that they knew him, because he had ran inside their home once, given her a kiss and left. He was a pit bull who attained his AKC Good Citizen Award, and in his hey day could jump and catch a Frisbee like nobody's business. He loved swimming, chasing balls, and rolling down the hill at Stoddard’s Neck Park. Fantastic with kids, people, dogs and even cats, and chickens – he will always live in our hearts, and we are grateful to all of the people who took care of him and allowed us to be able to adopt our sweetheart.

 - Katrina Monsees

In Memory of Rylee McShane

He was loved and returned that love to his family. 
 - The McShane Family of Quincy

In Memory of Nala

In January, 2006, we adopted a sweet, yet feisty, tiger cat, named Nala, as a companion for Oliver, who was adopted in July, 2005.  Itty Bitty Pretty Kitty, as she was called, wasted no time in letting Oliver know who was in charge. She claimed the entire downstairs as "hers" when two further felines joined the household in 2007. 
For nine years, she greeted us when we returned home, basked in the sunlight that streamed in through the open front door, snuggled under the covers with us and in later years, settled on our laps. She was taken from us suddenly, we barely had time to say goodbye. She let us know it was time for her to go, resting her little head in my hand, she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

She will ever be our Itty Bitty Pretty Kitty, we will always miss her...

 - The Peterson Family


In Memory of Oliver

In 2005, we met Oliver, who came home with us, the first cat to be rescued.
For 10 years, he was our constant companion and sentinel during times of illness, always close by.
He tried valiantly to stay with us, however, in 2015, those who loved him most, set him free to cross the Rainbow Bridge.
He left us a legacy of unconditional love and his paw prints will be forever etched on our broken hearts.
 - Maura Peterson

In Memory of Mischief
Mischief passed this morning.  For years she provided companionship  and was always sweet.  In this pic she was helping me wrap Christmas presents.

In Memory of Shea

I first met Shea in 2004 when I was a volunteer at QAS (the orange tabby in the picture).  He had been returned to the shelter (he was previously adopted out as a kitten back in 2002).  He was quite scared at the shelter and as a result was being passed over for adoption.  I volunteered to foster him to see if he would come out of his shell, but sadly after 5 months of fostering him he still hadn't been adopted.  At that point I made the decision to adopt him myself and he has been with my family for the last 12 years.  He never fully came out of his shell, however, he has been a welcomed part of our family over the years.  This past year he has suffered through a myriad of health problems as a result of aging, one of which is renal failure.  Sadly, we had to make the decision to put him to rest today as we felt his quality of life had greatly diminished and we did not want him to suffer.  My family will forever remember all of the years we had with him and are greatly for QAS for rescuing him, not once, but twice and allowing me the opportunity to bring him into our family.

- Jill McGrath

In Memory of Oliver 

Gone but always in my heart, miss you - Mummy

In Memory of Lilly

On April 25, 2014 our sweet Lilly went to Doggie Heaven.  We adopted Lilly from the Shelter in December of 2002.  My son had finally convinced me to go to the Shelter "just to look" and as soon as we saw Lilly, we fell in love.  We were told that Lilly was a stray and that she was about a year old.  She was such a sweet, gentle and loving member of our family and we thank you for all you did to bring Lilly into our lives.  We miss her so much but we know we will get to go on walks with her again some day.
With immense gratitude,
The McGarty Family

In Memory of Jake

In 2001 I was was looking for a new puppy to bring home and be part of our family. At the time, I had been searching for our new family member and came across a photo of "Jake", who was born in 2000 and in need of a new home - I fell in love before I ever met him. I quickly inquired about his availability and with happiness he was there raced to Quincy from Wilmington, MA. At the time, he was new to the shelter, surrendered by his family that was going through a divorce. Neglected and dirty, I had to have him. Fun loving, friendly and as your staff coined him, an escape artist! There was an immediate bond that evolved to be unbreakable. We became best friends, an old soul that I was truly blessed to have in my life. We were meant to find each other, we delivered each other a type of unconditional love rarely found - but we found it and he made my worst days good and my best days even better.
Unfortunately today I had to say my last goodbye to Jake as I embraced him in my arms down to his last breath. Safe, secure, comforted and loved - all I ever wanted him to feel his entire life. I wanted to share this with you because he was the best gift of life any human could ever dream to have.  He truly is irreplaceable and the sadness I feel today will be sure to carry on for a long time in my life.
I want to thank the Quincy Animal Shelter for providing me with such a gift almost 14 years ago, it will never be forgotten.

Best, Eric Anderson

In Memory of Gracie

Eleven hours ago we lost our Gracie, a beloved sweet girl who left behind a large hole in our hearts.  She was a gentle, loving, shy girl who'd nest beside my wife and I and purr her warm purr whenever she was noticed.

She was first adopted out of QAS as a kitten, but those people tired of her after a few years and brought her to another shelter to be put down.  That shelter, noting QAS' no-kill and surrender policies, returned Gracie to QAS.  We went to QAS after my wife's cat had died to find another pet, and I loved Gracie at first sight.

It was quickly plain that her previous owners had abused her.  It took a long time for her to recover from the trauma; she hid in a closet for the better part of six months, and it was years before she trusted men.  But she came out of her shell, with a lot of love, and repaid us that love with compound interest: the gentlest cat I've ever known.  Even in her last hours, she still purred for us and showed us she loved us. We live a hundred miles away now, but will always be grateful to QAS for the ten years we had our Gracie girl.

Bob and Amanda Traynor


In Memory of Moxie

My sister Clare adopted Moxie from Quincy Animal Shelter in (or around) 2002 I believe.  She went in for a cat and...well...Moxie had her at "Hello."  :-) They shared a wonderful life together until my sister Clare died from Cancer at age 52 on January 20, 2012.  
I moved into my sister's home (as I did not want to upset Moxie's life any further) and WE have been taking care of EACH OTHER every day since my sister's death.  Moxie was the greatest blessing of my life. Although in the end she was walking with stiff geriatric joints (assisted by lots of medication), she still at age 14 managed to play quietly at night on her bed with her "baby bear," do "hall flips" when we go to go outside, and the old girl could flirt with every man in the condominium complex!  I love her with ALL OF MY HEART, and my only solace with her passing is knowing she is only leaving me to go and be with Clare again...and that I will be with them both again some day.  
Thank you, Suzy Neuner 

In Memory of Max

We adopted Max in the summer of 2002 from QAS when he was 6 months old and he was with us until right before his 12th birthday. When we brought him home from QAS Max quickly became integrated within our family and our hearts. He was a curious and playful puppy who was always looking for someone to run around with. He loved going on walks, playing with his stuffed babies, and getting a good belly rub. He was always there to greet us at the door with one of his stuffed babies or bones when we would come home, even if we had just left for 5 minutes. He had a serious obsession with cantaloupe, peanut butter, cheese, and popcorn, and would do whatever trick he could to just get a bite. Even as he grew older his playful and goofy attitude always shone through while playing with his friends or hanging out at home. He was the best dog for our family and we are so happy that we were able to provide him a good home to live out his life.

Rest in peace our sweetest Maxxie, we will love you and miss you always.

The Flores/Panzner Family

In Memory of Bentley the Corgi

We got him from QAS about 8 years ago. He certainly was a wonderful dog and we miss him very much.

Best Regards, Bill and Sonja Whitney

In Memory of RYLEE

Rylee was my dad and sister's dog who was adopted at age 1 from QAS in 2005.  He passed away unexpectedly at age 8 with no warning and no chance to say goodbye.  He lived every day to the fullest and especially loved swimming, being with his family, and taking walks around Merrymount.  Thank you for taking such good care of him before he was adopted.  Just so you know, he was the best dog a family could have.  He is missed terribly and hopefully will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge someday.

Brian & Sandy Mastrullo

In Memory of BOB MAHN
Bob Mahn, formerly Buster, came into our lives in 2002. He found me one day when I was dropping of towels at QAS! He had a glorious life with his best pal, Eddie. He loved the family vacations on Block Island where he would sit in the windows and meow at the deer at night. We imagined that he thought they were giant dogs.

Bob had FIV but was very healthy otherwise. Last year we discovered a tumor on his chest. On 8-20-12 he lost his battle with cancer. We all miss him so much but none more than Eddie.  RIP, Bob, we miss you so much!

Greg & Mil Mooter…and Eddie Pepper


In Memory of Eddie

I found Eddie at QAS in 2000. He had been hit by a car and dropped off in a box. It was love at 1st sight and after he healed he joined our family!

He was an extremely loyal cat and was dedicated to us...and his sidekick, Bob. Eddie's mannerisms were more like that of a dog. He came when called, followed quite well, would sit, beg, and of course he was a fantastic sleeper!

Eddie and Bob were never far apart and often slept touching. They did everything together and particularly loved spending every August on Block Island, although Eddie was not fond of the ferry ride! We would always find them in one of two positions...seagulls: pointing and looking the same way, or bookends: back to back!

Eddie so missed Bob, after Bob passed in 2012, and we so miss Eddie, now. He passed in January, 2014 at age 16.

RIP dear friend.
Greg and Mil Mooter

In Memory of TWINKLETOES - Nov. 2001 - Dec. 2011

To all our friends at QAS: On December 23 our Twinkers lost her battle with melanoma. Deciding it was time to let her go is one of the hardest things either of us has ever done. She was so brave and uncomplaining during a year's worth of surgeries and treatments, but in the last week we knew she was tired of fighting. When her oncologist told us that he thought it was her time, we knew in our hearts he was right.

Twinkletoes brought joy and a sense of calm to our home. She brightened the days of friends and strangers alike as we were out and about exploring the world. Both of us were more outgoing with Twinkers at our sides, stopping to chat with the many people who wanted to scratch her ears. She was the dog that cared more about socializing than obedience at training class; the dog who everyone at our favorite pet stores knew by name.

We learned quickly upon adopting her that Twinkers was a rather typical basset hound - occasionally lying down to rest in the midst of a walk, stopping to smell everything anywhere she went, and generally doing things on her own timetable. She reminded us that sometimes you need to just slow things down and enjoy life.

Despite a slow gait on city streets, she could really motor when following a trail. We frequented the Blue Hills and made many memories there: the time she ended up in the bog, just because the boardwalk trail she was following continued into the water; the time she decided to turn around and head for home during a winter hike, and we could barely catch her because she had much better traction than we did on the ice; and the many times we boosted our little climber up and down boulders that were too tall for her to handle.

Twinkers came to us as a foster dog that we didn't know we were asking for, and we adopted her when her owner agreed that she could no longer give Twinkers the home she deserved. It was obvious that Twinkletoes was much loved every day of her life before we came into it. But when we reconnected with her first owner, we were amazed to learn the degree of positive impact Twinkers had had on her life, through some intensely challenging circumstances. Knowing that our Twinkers was a hero has helped us to feel pride, as much as sadness, as we've coped with needing to let her go. We are so grateful that we had the opportunity to share in the life of such an amazing and beautiful dog.

Rest in peace, Twinkletoes. Thank you for bringing so much sunshine into our lives. We will love you and miss you always.

Michelle and Dennis B.

In Memory of CODY

Dear QAS, I am writing to bring you a devastating news... Can't stop crying... In August 2010 my husband and I have adopted a tuxedo cat we named Cody. He was love of my life. Yesterday, on February 21, 2012 we had to put him to sleep due to FLUTD: it was acute and Cody was crying. He was only 4, 5 yo. I never expected it would happen so soon. It is an unbearable tragedy for all my family and Cody's buddy, cat Finch, who's also was adopted from QAS. RIP my baby, my Codiness Monster. Mommy and Daddy love you forever.

Tate and Barbaros T.

In Memory of STORMY

Dear QAS, We adopted Stormy from QAS in early 2002 when he was a 3 month old semi-feral kitten. When we brought him home, he was a shy, ball of fur with huge green eyes and an adorable milk mustache. He grew to be a stunning cat with a distinctive regal Maine Coon look. He was an independent but loving cat. He set his own terms, but was also a softy for a good scratch behind the ear or under his chin. We said a peaceful, dignified good bye to him today just a week shy of his 10th birthday (due to cancer that could not be beat). We will miss him very much. He was a wonderful, funny cat and we are grateful to have had him in our lives.

Best regards, Jill and Hugh B.

In Memory of Rocky - May 1999 - Aug 2011

Rocky was 10 years old when I met him in the summer of 2009. His owners had fallen on hard times and so he came to stay with us at QAS. Like all the dogs at the Shelter he knew when the dog-walkers entered the building and he could hardly contain himself. He was a big dog - and oh so strong. It took a lot of muscle to get him out the door without falling flat on your face. Relieving himself was not his main goal here - playing with a rock is really what he lived for. His case was unusual and unfortunate in that he wouldn't be released for adoption for 7 months. During that time we got to know each other and he even spent a few days at my home. In January he was ready for adoption and normally I would be happy about that but I remember feeling slightly panicked at the thought of saying goodbye. I realized that I was hooked on this rock-loving dog and so he came home to live with me. It was tough going on him for the first couple of weeks. It was cat territory and the youngest, Ike, let him know it. Funny to see this tiny 9 lb. cat giving the one-two paw swat to this 95 lb dog. Rocky would look at me and cry as much as to say "why did he do that to me". They turned out to be good friends. Although we wouldn't have a long time together it was the best time. I couldn't be a couch potato with Rocky around. We were out all the time in all kinds of weather -- hiking, swimming, walking the rocky shoreline or trudging through the snow, we did it all. But time goes by so fast and a dogs life is too short. Rocky was diagnosed with bone cancer this past March. Our hiking days were over but he still managed to kick around a rock or two until the very end. The house is quiet. The silence is deafening. And I miss him. Rest in Peace my big, strong, happy boy and know that you're forever in my heart.


The above picture is my Mickey as he was when I adopted him Jan. 8th, 2002; and then Mickey 15 days before he died, June 28th, 2011! Mickey was a loving and precious addition to the family, and I still cry over his loss. Due to his arthritis, I had a friend build him a little "ramp" to make it easier for him to go outside over a year ago; he took his medication (Rimadyl) eagerly and it helped a great deal. However, since Mickey had passed his 15th Birthday this Spring (approx. 105 in human years), he was not as active; and on the morning of June 28th, Mickey collapsed in the kitchen from a heart attack. By the time I got him to the Vet, he had a stroke, and his temperature was 107! They gave him a cool bath but the temperature only came down one degree; and then I had a decision to make. I held Mickey, loving and rubbing his head, while telling him it was okay to leave Mom - he needed some rest - all the time crying. I still cry when I look at that last picture and imagine that he should still be in his bed, which I have yet to move. I still pray that he is waiting for me on the "Rainbow Bridge" one of these days. At least he can no long suffer... RIP little one...

Barbara B., Weymouth, MA

Wrigley was one of the best cats ever. He lived to be 16-1/2 and will be missed by me and his kitty friends, especially Benjie.

Kathleen L.

Cyrus came to us as a discount puppy from Dedham that no one wanted because he was this enormous, uncontrollable black lab. He was six months old when we got him, and knew he was special from the start. He was house broken in 1 day, and he was the sweetest puppy in the world. He did his share of destruction, but it was mostly balls. Tennis balls, basket ball, soccer balls...etc.

When I went thru malignancies 5 times and radiation twice, Cyrus was there to make me feel better.  He was my husband's fishing companion, even though once he jumped in and swallowed a trout, hook, line and all.  He used to be afraid of lightning and jump in bed with us when it was loud. He also slept with our daughter when he felt like it. He basically took over her bed.

He was with us for 8 years, and he will remain in all our hearts forever.  Cyrus passed away August 30th, 2010, and it was the most horrible time for our whole family.  Rest in peace our Sweet Boy...

The Cass Family

Rusty came to us when I was a young girl - he was a stray and followed me home one day. He was a warrior cat who loved adventure and playing outside. He loved to cuddle and was always there to warm our hearts. Rusty was spoiled for 22 long years, until last year when it came time to say goodbye. We miss him every day, and we hope to see him at the Rainbow Bridge! Love you forever, Bubbs!

The Monahan Family

West Coast Calvin
Labor Day 2002 our family welcomed Calvin a Cockapoo puppy (named for the comic strip Calvin & Hobbs) to our family. When talking to the California Contingent on the phone (our nick name for family that lives California); before being able to share the news about our new puppy, Aunt Pril was heard whispering at the other end of the phone "sweet Calvin - I'll take you out in a bit". Unbeknownst to each family, the "California Contingent" adopted a dog also named Calvin just the week before our Calvin joined us - thus East Coast Calvin & West Coast Calvin.

West Coast Calvin passed on this week. Devoted companion to Katie, loyal protector of Pril and steadfast buddy to Cory; the memory of Calvin will live on in all of our hearts! With love, from all.

Ed, Martha, Ben, Lizz and East Coast Calvin

It is with a heavy heart and tear-filled eyes - my precious baby Sadie crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, September 24th at 11:45pm.

She was a fighter and rallied this past week to the point where further treatment was discussed. Unfortunately, her afflictions were too great. We spent our last few moments together and I told her how much I loved her, while stroking that beautiful soft fur. I told her not to worry about her mommie; if it was her time, it was OK to go. Mommie would always love her, no matter what. Moments later, she was gone.

Although the house is hollow, I know this will pass. I haven't been able to pick deal with her litter box's so final; however, there's still that huge tuxedo stray out back banging on the porch door for breakfast. He's been cathartic actually, although he's been pretty quiet the past couple days. How do they know?

It is truly an honor to be part of a cat-loving forum who not only loves cats in all their splendor, but understands the grieving process as well. Thank you everyone.


I adopted Lucy from your shelter in June 2008. Within the first hour of bringing her home, she curled up in my lap and stole my heart. She loved her stuffed mice, and chasing balls, and she loved to sit on the back of the couch supervising my every move. But most of all? She loved standing up and trying to open the door. She made me laugh every single day.

My sweet girl was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy at the end of February. After a few weeks of treatment, my fur-baby went into heart failure again and I had to put her to sleep on March 28, 2010. She was 5 years old. She was only in my life for a year and a half, but she changed me forever. Thank you for taking such good care of her while she was with you.

Jennifer C.

Please accept our donation in memory of MIA, a very special cat and friend to Eric.

With Love, the RLO

It's with a heavy heart I write this email about my cat Hershey. I can still see her story on the success pages of this website, but today she had to be put down after falling victim to what was believed to be cancer. She was being treated for 2 weeks and seemed to be getting better, but took a turn for the worse this weekend. It was truly her time. She was an amazing cat that we adopted from QAS on June 1, 2006. Although her time with us was short, I'm glad that I gave her her own forever home. We love her so much and are so grateful for the work that you do at QAS for making stories like this possible. We love you Hershey.

- Joe & Pam

Please accept our donation in memory of Macy, a very special cat and friend to Charlotte and John.

With Love, Eric and Elaine

In Memory of DELIA - March 2010

Hello, On 7/7/07 I adopted a beautiful 2 year-old Maine Coon cat named Delia from QAS. It took no time at all for her to capture my heart. I know she spent 9 months at the Shelter and I feel it's because she was waiting for me to find her. Not a day sine then went by that she didn't make me smile. Although she was aloof at first she quickly became very affectionate. She would start to jump in my lap before I was fully seated and slept on top of me every night. And she purred like crazy.

It was with deep sadness that I had her put her to sleep last week. She went into kidney failure with no warning and declined fairly quickly over a 2 week period. I didn't want her to suffer so I took her back to the Vet before she started getting really bad. She had stopped eating and was no longer drinking water.

I am writing to let you know since she was with you for so long and to thank you for taking such good care of her while she was there. I have attached some photos so you can see that she was loved very much in her new home. The 3rd photo was one of her favorite poses on my lap - on her back shading her eyes with her paw and her belly in the air.

Her death has left a big hole in my home and in my heart.

Regards, Pat O.

In Memory of Phil - May 1998 - February 2010

My sweet, gentle, fluffy friend. You'll be missed. Patti, and brother Chubby

In Memory of Lily - July 2004 - October 2009
My Lily was taken from me on October 1st, 2009. Now I know how people feel about this as do I but she was being delclawed after 5yrs of her life. Although there were serious doubts and it was one of the most difficult decisions that I have ever had to make in my life but she was having trouble and this was thought to be the best thing for her. Although she seemed healthy in every way and there was no cause for alarm unfortunately she did not make it through recovery, she stopped breathing and could not be revived. They found from the xrays that she had an enlarged heart, this was not something I'm told they could not detect without xrays but there was never a cause during any of her checkups that warranted them , all her test results were great. Her big sister Pandy & I adopted her from a shelter home when she was 7 weeks old. She brought so much joy to my/our life although Pandy may have a different take on it. We were suppose to grow old together and we still will there will never be a day that you are not in my heart. I / we will miss you so much. Rest in Peace My Baby Girl... Love, Mommy & Pandy. North Quincy, MA.

My wonderful boy CHILLIE passed away last week. I adopted him from QAS several years ago while Volunteering there. I miss him very much. Please know he had many adventures over the years, including two cross-country trips and a visit to the Grand Canyon! With Love, Jordan


Snuffy Smith - Died peacefully April 6th, 2009 - Snuffy came to our home in February of 2008 at 13 years of age. We found him on the Shelter's website seeking an adoptive home and "not looking for a long time, but rather a good time." Since we already had adopted Fantasia and she was a success story of her own, we decided to take the old man in. In his short 14 months with us, he scouted the dog park, went on long walks most every day, cooled off in the pool a few times, sat with Santa for pictures, and dressed as a candy corn greeting all the kids on Halloween. His favorite part of the day was bedtime when every one of us was devoured with kisses (which took him a while to learn with teeth removed and tongue hanging to the side). He was very proud of that skill. Aside from all this, The "little black dog" who came to us taught us a lesson in life, that is never too late to enjoy new people and to refuse to let age get you down. Snuffy was a joy to us and we thank everyone at the Shelter for their hard work in placing these worthwhile animals in loving homes. A special thanks to Sandra who never gave up on this 8 pound giant with tons of love to give to a new family his last year of life.

The Smith Family, Weymouth, Ma.

I adopted Jasmine (formerly known as Kate) in December of 2003 from QAS. She was a sweet girl who was always waiting to greet me when I came home. She was mischievous, a talker, playful, lover of water and catnip. She was never one to sit on my lap or cuddle up with me, but she was always nearby. A petite little lady, with a lot of presence in my home. She followed me everywhere when I got ready for work in the morning, sat on the toilet while I showered, got in the way when I tried to iron something and was always close by when I blow dried my hair. She loved sitting on the pile of warm laundry right out of the dryer. She was into everything, discovering every nook and cranny in my home. Her loss was a bit sudden after a quick week of kidney failure that the VCA tried to turn around, in the end she died of heart failure on Easter Sunday, April 21, 2014.

Jennifer M