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XENO MARTINO 6/21/2000 - 8/29/2004
XENO was a four-year-old skunk whose life was taken due to kidney failure. If ever there was a skunk that fought to live, it was XENO. We struggled with everything we had to keep her alive, but nothing helped. The loss of XENO is beyond words. People may not understand how a skunk could be so loved, but she was the most affectionate creature I have ever known. I feel blessed to have spent the last four years with my XENO. She is always in my heart. - Lisa Martino

Our dog PADDY passed away on September 8th, 2004 of cancer. He was our family pet for 11 years, and we want to acknowledge his life. PADDY was a good pet with a kind disposition and we will remember him always. - Mom, Laura, and Patrick

Roxie was my best friend who passed away on 8/16/04. She will be greatly missed by friends and family. She left you with a smile... I love and miss you girl. - LA

Casper was my great little buddy until he got hit by a car on August 18th and was found on Robertson Street. An officer with the Animal Control took him away and called me to give me closure and said he didn't suffer. He was truly an amazing little guy. RIP - Debra Ashton, Quincy

Victor was great company and loved by all who knew him. He passed away on November 10th, 2003 after almost 16 years of life. He was a good cat and friend who will be missed very much. - Rick, Dad & Family

In memory of our kitten IRIE
We had only had Irie for five months, yet it seemed like a lifetime because he was our best friend. Unfortunately we got him from a pet store not knowing he had a kitten disease known as FIP. Yet we were fortunate enough to give this kitten a happy life for the short time he was alive. Yet now I feel lost, I miss the greeting at the door and the little footsteps trailing behind me, but I know that he is in a better place and I know that he knows we love him with all our hearts. - Love, Bren and Chip Griffin - November 6, 2003

In Memory of SATCHMO
You had the biggest, roundest face we have ever seen and a heart full of love. Thank you for touching our lives. We know you came to us after living a tough life outside. We are glad that you were able to enjoy a loving, caring home with Jamie and Greg during your last months here. We will remember you always. - Everyone at QAS

Georgie Snoozing
In Memory of Georgie who came to us in the summer of 1982 as an abandoned kitten. He passed over on February 18th, 2003. Georgie taught us what's important in life; love, good food and chirping birds. His very last gift; how to die with dignity. You were a great friend Georgie, and you will be missed. - The Themmen-Adams Family