Meet Our Staff

Shelter Director:
Kit Burke

Adoption Manager:
Cathy Parsons   

Medical Manager:
Karen DeFrancesco

Foster Care Manager:
Donna Knauber

Feral Cat Program Manager:
Janet Parisi

Feline Manager:
Brianna Geary

Canine Manager:
Christina Friel

Canine Trainer:
Jean Ellard

Volunteer Team Manager:
Dan Higgins

Public Relations Coordinator:
Heather MacLeod

Marketing Manager:
Nicole Noseworthy

Event Manager:
Claire Thompson

Information Technology Manager:
Dennis Gibbons

Fundraising Manager: 
Open Position, please click here if interested in learning more about this role.

City of Quincy Animal Control Officers:

Don Conboy, Bruce DiBella

QAS Board of Directors
Peter Helms, President 
Bill Sempolinski, Treasurer
Peg O'Brien, Secretary
Michele Mold, Clerk
Sherri Farrell, Director
Dawn Gaffney, Director
Bre-anne Harris, Director
Joanne McCarthy, Director
Nicole Noseworthy, Director
Courtney O'Keefe, Director
Janet Parisi, Director
Angela Pimental, Director