Meet Our Staff

Shelter Director:
Kit Burke

Adoption Manager:
Cathy Parsons   

Medical Manager:
Karen DeFrancesco

Foster Care Manager:
Donna Knauber

Feral Cat Program Manager:
Janet Parisi

Feline Manager:
Brianna Geary

Canine Manager:
Christina Friel

Canine Trainer:
Jean Ellard

Volunteer Team Manager:
Dan Higgins

Public Relations Coordinator:
Heather MacLeod

Marketing Manager:
Nicole Noseworthy

Event Manager:
Claire Thompson

Information Technology Manager:
Dennis Gibbons

Fundraising Manager: 
Open Position, please click here if interested in learning more about this role.

City of Quincy Animal Control Officers:

Don Conboy, Bruce DiBella

QAS Board of Directors
Peter Helms, President 
Bill Sempolinski, Treasurer
Peg O'Brien, Secretary
Michele Mold, Clerk
Sherri Farrell, Director
Dawn Gaffney, Director
Joanne McCarthy, Director
Nicole Noseworthy, Director
Courtney O'Keefe, Director
Janet Parisi, Director
Angela Pimental, Director