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If you have a successful adoption story about a Dog or Cat you have adopted from the Quincy Animal Shelter, and you would like to share your story here and in our Newsletters, please feel free to send us a photo or two and your information to:

Quincy Animal Shelter, P.O. Box 690088, Quincy, MA 02269 (please mark it Attn: SUCCESS STORIES)

You can also EMAIL your information and photos (.JPG format please).

We adopted Goose (now Magnus) mid February. He was a nervous cat for the first few weeks. His favorite spot was under the bed. He had to wear a shirt for a bit due to overgrooming, but once he was put on a hypoallergenic diet he began to improve. Today he is very talkative. He enjoys a good window, chasing some toys, being pat with a grooming glove, and sleeping in a uhaul box with a blanket instead of the cat bed. We are happy to have him.
 - Gregg Isaacson

I just wanted to thank you all for your continued work to make a better life for all the animals you guys see.
My fiance and I adopted Thaddeus in November '15. He is the most handsome, goofy, lovable guy. Thad has taken over our home and our hearts. We just wanted to give you all an update! He is the best and we are so happy with our experience with QAS.
Thank you all again!
Elizabeth Devine, Dan Shapiro & Thaddeus 

My husband and I adopted “Kelly” from QAS last May.  We fostered her first, to see if we could successfully integrate her into our already-one-cat household.  We are the proud cat parents of a wonderful 14 year old senior, Tubby. 
We brought Kelly (an 8 year old loving and friendly sweetheart) home from QAS, set her up in our spare bedroom, and kept her there (with her many creature comforts) with the door closed for 4 days (we visited her frequently, of course!).
After 4 days passed we opened the door and put up two stackable baby gates.  This allowed Kelly to ‘meet’ (and get used to) Tubby (and vice versa), but eliminated the risk of a fight. We kept this “baby gate” arrangement for almost 2 weeks.  At that point, we took the gates down for the “in-person” (“in-feline”?) meeting and it went remarkably well!

Now, 9 months later, they are almost friends J  They co-exist beautifully with only the occasional scuffle.  When they’re apart, they look for (and miss!) one another.  It’s been wonderful to have two. Also, it’s worth mentioning that we adopted Kelly with some medical issues. She required a tooth extraction and an additional/second spay surgery.  She was worth all of it and then some.  We love her dearly and we are SO happy to have her as part of our family.  SUCCESS!!!

Thank you so much for taking Kelly in, for and giving her food, love, and shelter when she needed it.
Elinor & Erik Kostanski
Melrose, Massachusetts

My mom and I adopted Molly and Kung Fu in November, and what a success! The first few weeks, they were very shy and only came out every few hours. But now, they're running around the house, waking us up in the morning, meowing away and knocking things over! Molly is very skiddish, but loves to play and sleep, while Pumpkin refers to relax (although he does tag along in her mischief too). Pumpkin's a big lovebug, and Molly is so energetic! Maybe she'll be like him when shes older :).
Overall, Molly and Pumpkin love it here and we're glad we gave them a fantastic new home.
Thanks a bunch, 
Natalie and Susie


We wanted to send you a little picture of our Bailey (fka Misty), who was with you for a very long time before becoming a part of our family almost 2 years ago now. As you can tell from the enclosed pictures, she adjusted quite well! She's a very loving and endearing cat, and we simply love her!. She's also grown to love her brother (also a fellow QAS alum..Reilly, whom we adopted almost 10 years ago now!). There is such a thing as a Happily Ever After...thanks to you guys!

-- The Griffins


Jerry's lap is not big enough. Yoda is still a little skittish but loves to sit or stretch out on Jerry. Snowflake sits on whoever's lap is available. They both love being brushed and have found favorite places to sleep. We're enjoying them every day.

Claudette and Jerry Newhall 


We adopted Monty (formerly known as Almond) back in October 2013. As soon as my husband and I saw her at the shelter, we fell in love and applied for her right away. I knew then and there that this was the cat for us. I had never had a pet before, and so I was very excited. We adopted her at 5 months - she was still a kitten at the time, but she's grown since then.  Monty has quite the personality, and loves to watch birds from our living room. She's also very vocal, eats and drinks well, and is just a happy go lucky kitty cat. My favorite time of day is when I come home. She stretches out before me, scratches on her scratching post, and then rolls over at my feet so I can pick her up and pet her. Josh and I love her, and completes our little family. Should we decide to adopt again, we will most likely come back here!
- Best, Josh, Nandanie, and Monty

My sister Clare adopted Moxie from Quincy Animal Shelter in (or around) 2002 I believe.  She went in for a cat and...well...Moxie had her at "Hello."  :-) They shared a wonderful life together until my sister Clare died from Cancer at age 52 on January 20, 2012.  

I have moved into my sister's home (as I did not want to upset Moxie's life any further) and WE have been taking care of EACH OTHER every day since her death.  Moxie, was, and still is, the greatest blessing of my life. Although she is walking with stiff geriatric joints (assisted by lots of medication), she still at age 14 manages to play quietly at night on her bed with her "baby bear," do "hall flips" when we go to go outside, and the old girl still flirts with every man in the condominium complex!  I love her with ALL OF MY HEART, and my only solace when she ever decides to leave me, will be to know that she is only leaving me to go and be with Clare again...and that I will be with them both again some day.  

These attached photos are several years old when Mox was in her prime...but I don't ever want her to be forgotten as a HUGE SUCCESS STORY of the Quincy Animal Shelter. When Clare passed away, in lieu of flowers, she requested that donations please be made in her name.  Please continue to donate to this wonderful shelter and please RESCUE an animal in need...for they will give you the unconditional love we all seek in this world and can never find anywhere else.  

Thank you, Suzy Neuner

Dear QAS, As you can see, Yoda had a wonderful Christmas! We are hoping that his first family sees this picture and knows how much he is loved by his adopted family. 

Surrendering a great pup like Yoda was probably very difficult, but sometimes our feelings have to be put second in order that the dog can have a good forever home.  Yoda's first family must have loved him enough to do just that.  He is a great pup!  After about 19 months, Yoda is doing very well.  He had some trouble with house training, but now very rarely makes a mistake.  He has adjusted to Fantasia and Amber, the other Crested in the family and has the run of the house and the fenced yard.

Santa spoiled him with a "Yoda" bed which he enjoys.  Dressed in his "Yoda" sweat suit and accompanied by his "Yoda" squeak toy, he is living a wonderful life and his first family should know, he is happy in his new home.

Thank you QAS and Yoda's first family for a selfless decision to let him find a forever family. The Smith Family,  Weymouth, MA

Hello, Just wanted to send a short note of thanks to all of you at the shelter for all that you do and for allowing us to take Bella home. It has been about four months since "Bella" has found her new home here with us and we could not be happier! She fits in to our family, children, grand kids and all, like she has always been a part of us. She has put on a few pounds, as the vet said she was a bit underweight at the time, and is healthy and happy.

She has found her favorite nap chair and favorite window to watch the neighborhood activities. Bella loves to take walks and she does at least three times a day. She has a quick step and proud stance, as she walks. Bella probably loves sitting in your lap, just as much as her walks. Definitely a people person, she may bark at the door bell, but always wags her tail at anyone who walks through the door. We have a dog friendly neighborhood and Bella has won the hearts of many of our dog owner's and their pets. So thank you again for all your dedication!

With much appreciation, The McLean Family (here is a photo of our granddaughter and Bella)

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