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If you have a successful adoption story about a Dog or Cat you have adopted from the Quincy Animal Shelter, and you would like to share your story here and in our Newsletters, please feel free to send us a photo or two and your information to:

Quincy Animal Shelter, P.O. Box 690088, Quincy, MA 02269 (please mark it Attn: SUCCESS STORIES)

You can also EMAIL your information and photos (.JPG format please).

I found Oliver outside my job in April 2012. I witnessed a woman slam the door in Oliver's face when she saw he was trying to hide from the thunderstorm that day.  It was pouring outside and I knew he needed a rest from the weather so he spent the entire day in my office, drinking water, drying off, and getting some sleep.  He received much-needed love and attention from the children visiting the center where I worked.  However, after researching various shelters, I called the QAS and surrendered him, hoping that the shelter would be able to find a good home for him.  

I put in an application to adopt him a few days later and, luckily, he joined my home. Oliver and Jarvis  (the black beauty seen in the attached pictures) were getting along well.  Due to several job trainings, I have had to ask my mother to care for my kitties while I am away.  My first cat, Jarvis, enjoys traveling and visiting my mother.  Oliver, on the other hand, did not take well to the road.  My mother suggested leaving him with her for a few days to see if he would relax.  Well, those few days turned into a few months as Oliver and my mother became very attached.  He is enjoying his time very much and has every culinary, medical, and emotional need met.  Jarvis and I still see him often but his forever home is in Connecticut. As you can see, he now runs the house and he enjoys spending time with Jarvis when they are together!  He loves my mother very much and she showers him with lots of kisses and chin scratches to last a lifetime! ~Barbara

Hi thought I would send you a couple of pics of Zeus (Ozzie).  Ozzie is doing so well ~ he is potty trained, rings his bell to go out, attending his next phase of training and eating very well.  He likes getting groomed but hates the blow dryer but all is better after he gets a cookie, which he must carry all the way home and hide.  He loves playing with one of our cats and struggles to try to win over the other by tossing her all his toys.  They'll be best buds in time I am sure.

But he just loves my husband to death and every night they have their little bedtime routine which is so cute.  
Thank you for giving us a great dog, we are having so much fun with him ~ lucky us!
Cheryl and Speros

I was at the Puppy Doe/Kiya's vigil last Saturday evening - September 28th.  I had worked at the VCA, Weymouth for 8 years and I loved my job. Sadly I left in 2008. Before I left my job, I had spent a week with Fantasia at the VCA. She was extremely unique. I was amazed that many didn't want to take Fantasia home.  Fantasia was sent to the Quincy Animal Shelter to hopefully find her new home. Thru Quincy Animal Shelter, I learned Fantasia was taken by the Smith Family. I am delighted to hear the news.  I had not seen her since until I bumped into the owner(s) with the three wonderful Chinese Crested dogs at the vigil. I was surprised and immediately asked the owner which one is "F". Because I am Deaf, I cannot pronounce her full name Fantasia.  The owner replied "yes" and pointed at Fantasia.  I was so thrilled to meet Fantasia again a 4 or 5 years later. I explained this to the owners about Fantasia and my old job. This pictures of the owners, Fantasia and myself (a maroon blouse). I am happy Fantasia is doing well with two Chinese Crested dogs.  Diane Squires, Weymouth resident

Hello there, My name is Marissa. About five months ago my daughter and I had come into QAS looking for a cat. Our cat had passed away and my daughter was devastated. We had fallen for an all black cat named ‘Pumpkin Puss’ who was about 5 months old at the time. We knew he was coming home with us from the moment we sat in the sitting area with him. It only took him a little bit of time to get used to his new home. Now Pumpkin Puss is a little over a year, and boy has he grown. He has made a lovely addition to our family. He is so smart, energetic, affectionate, and gentle. We could not have chosen a more purrfect fit for our family! In peoples eyes we may have “saved” him. but in our eyes Pumpkin is the one who did us a favor!
Best Regards,
Marissa Elliott

Dear QAS,

Thank you so much for adopting Marco to my boyfriend Rob and I back in 2008.  If I recall, he was described as "young and energetic" in his adoption ad.  Almost five years later, he's just as energetic!  He loves to play with his toys, go for long walks at Pond Meadow Park, and jump on the trampoline.  He's extremely affectionate and we love him very much! Keep up the great work QAS!

Sincerely, Kerry and Rob
Proud owners of Marco

Hello QAS,

Here are two photos show Minnie (Hazel) liked our home and get along with Heihei the beagle. Thanks for letting us take Minnie.

Have a nice one,

Just a quick update to let everyone see how rescue dogs live "the good life."

Smith Family, Weymouth, MA

Good Morning QAS, 

I adopted Rudy in 2006 and I just wanted to send you a picture of this awesome cat. He headed west out of the city and moved to the country where he enjoys laying on the patio and watching the birds as well as napping in the sunshine or by the fireplace in the winter. He is aging well and I'm fairly confident that he enjoys his new lifestyle. Thanks for bringing us together. 


Hello QAS, We just thought we would send these two photos along to you so that you can see for yourself what a charmed life Fantasia and Yoda lead in their adopted home!  Fantasia, as always, is just a pleasure!  She never ceases to make us laugh. Her new trick is sitting on her favorite flowerpot in the back yard!  Yoda has also made himself comfortable and has just fit in beautifully with our other two cresteds. He is quite the little man, playing baseball after dinner each night and taking long morning walks to our nearby beach.  Each of them has their own personality and insures that there is never a dull moment in our home.  Thank you again for the joy that you spread!

The Smith Family
Weymouth, MA

Hello QAS!

Buddy is very happy in his new home! He loves being able to run outside on a run and take walks. He especially loves his white blanket ( that is more like a comforter!) He also loves playing fetch, playing with his toys and going on rides too. Buddy thinks that he is a tiny lap dog though, so of course he will get up on the couch and sit on your lap thinking he's small!

Thank you so much we love him a ton!  The Sheas

Hi! We adopted James back in October 2012 and wanted to let you know how great it has been going! He has been a great addition to our little family and we wanted to share some recent pictures we've taken of him.

He likes to watch the ticker at the bottom of the tv.

Hanging with Seth

Oooo, this heater is so warm!!

He likes sitting on top of the mantel of our fireplace to see what's going on.

peek-a-boo...hiding under the covers, he likes to be on his back

James like to help Seth with looking things up on the internet. :)

And his perch lets him see out the window to sit and chat with the birds and squirrels.

Have a great day!! ~Melissa and Seth Johnson

Hello everyone at QAS! I adopted Gracie back in November and just wanted to share how great she is fitting in in her new home. She is a very funny girl and has a huge personality. Gracie loves to be up high whether on the counters or the dressers. She likes to spend afternoons laying on the window sills and watching the birds on the patio. She loves to be under blankets when she sleeps. During our recent spring cleaning we also noticed that Gracie girl is a bit of a hoarder.

We are so happy with our Grace, thank you everyone! Angela Osis

Dear QAS, It's been a long time! We adopted Petey two years ago, and he became a member of the family the minute he lumbered through our door.  Petey and our boxer Sonny also became best friends. When we brought Sonny to the shelter to meet Petey, he sat right down beside him and just seemed to know they were meant to be friends!  Even with their own dog beds, they usually choose to snuggle together and share one.  Although their personalities and energy levels are totally different they just love each other! Sonny likes to keep watch out the window and will alert Petey if something/someone is outside by barking and running through the house. Petey will respond by "holding his position (usually laying down in bed) and barking - however, he will jump up if it's a pizza delivery (lol).

We couldn't have imagined how much love this gentle giant was going to bring into our home. I am a stay at home mom of two high school boys, but having Petey home with me (along with Sonny) makes me feel like I'm still raising "little boys"- how they love to play!

Petey loves to be petted, and will give you a little paw tap if you stop, he loves to run in the yard, and loves to ride in the car. In fact anytime a car door opens he will try to jump in - this includes friends, neighbors, people working on our home and of course pizza delivery vehicles!  Did I mention the teenage boys? That explains all the pizza!

Petey loves his food, and although it's hard to look at that "please feed me face" we have found that Petey is much more healthy, and agile at about 95lbs - no diet tricks, no miracle pills,  just cutting back a little food and exercising more.  Sort of like weight watchers for dogs!

I am including some photos, along with a poem I wrote a while back. We can't thank you enough for letting us adopt Petey, I really can't imagine what our lives would be like without those "loving eyes and little snout".

Ode To Petey

Petey, Petey
You're such a love
You snort
You snore
You scratch
You shed
You sleep in our room
Just not in our bed

Petey, Petey
You're just so sweet
You follow
You sit
You lay by our feet

Petey, Petey
You big galoop
I wish you wouldn't eat your poop
I vacuum
I scrub
I launder and spray
In hopes your aroma will be kept at bay

Petey, Petey
You're such a bull dog
You drool and slobber
A regular slob

But even with all your issues and quirks
Trips to the vet
And extra house work
I couldnt imagine our house without
Your loving eyes and little snout
You've opened our eyes
You've made us see
Just how simple life can be
A little love
Goes along way
Make the most of everyday
Be kind, be gentle
Be loyal and true
And love will surely come to you!

The Cornells

Hello, Romeo is really settling into the routines of his new home.  He is very lovable to me and Belle. He is an adorable, comical dog.  Chases the cat but is learning not to mean it. Romeo discovered that 'black hole' in the floor produces heat.  That became his favorite spot in the morning. The dogs and I walk two 1/2 hour walks a day, regardless of the weather.

Regards, Val

Hello QAS! I'm NOON, formally known as Gracie. My guardians named me Noon because they thought I was as warm and bright. They thought I was going to be shy for a while when they brought me home but, as soon as I inspected our home and investigated every corner of it, I found my tree around which they provided me with different levels and high places for me to observe and feel confident and content. Even though my guardians bought me two beds, my favorite snooze places are my tree, our two couches and their laps! I enjoy looking out of the window sill, playing with toys that look like mice, kneading and laying in my guardians laps and watching them do their computer-things. But most importantly, I love to race after the lazer's red dot. I can't seem to catch it, but they say it's all about the journey.

Love, Noon

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter, I’m BELLE and I’m writing to tell you that I’m doing great and am a very happy cat these days! It’s been a long time since my person, Heather, adopted me from QAS in 2005, but we haven’t forgotten you and wanted to say hi. Back then I lived in the room with other cats, but I was really shy. Luckily I made a good choice by greeting Heather when she came to find a pet, and eventually I warmed up and trusted her and became very affectionate indeed! She married Tim and now I’m lucky to have two great people showering me with attention. We used to live in Newton where my favorite feature was the warm covered radiators near the windows – great for a cat nap and a view! Now we’re in Braintree with a bigger yard so the birding is even better! Of course I just watch from the window, but I hear that the birdseed gets purchased partly for me :)

I also have a basement to explore and multiple cozy beds… but sometimes I still prefer getting under the covers in my people’s bed. Heather and Tim and I want to thank you so much for taking such good care of me and helping me find a forever home where I bring lots of joy every day! Thanks also to Mary Helen Mahoney, who was Belle's foster family and our Adoption Rep!

Meow, Belle

Hi QAS! I hope you are doing well in the New Year! I just wanted to send an update on WILL and KELLY, who I fostered and then adopted at the end of September. They are doing great! The cats made friends with Dr. Wember at Hancock Animal Hospital in October when both had coccidia and Will had worms, and everyone has been healthy since. Will is very friendly and curious and loves snuggling, chasing the laser pointer, and eating cat treats. Kelly was very skittish at first (lots of hissing), but she is like a whole different cat now. She is very playful, runs around trilling and chasing toys (and Will's tail), and likes to sit with me on the couch at night purring and kneading a fleece blanket. They get along wonderfully and if they're not chasing each other, they are curled up napping together.

During the blizzard a few weeks ago, I brought some fresh snow inside and the cats had a blast playing soccer with snowballs on the kitchen floor. Will and Kelly are the absolute perfect cats for me and I'm so glad to have them. I often wake up in the morning with both kitties snuggled next to me. Here are a few pictures, one from when I first brought them home (~8 weeks) and a few more recent ones (they will be 8 months at the beginning of March). Best, Melanie

Lynne: Thank you for everything you did to help us find another sweet cat. I have attached a nice photo of CRICKET, which shows off her beautiful eyes. She is adjusting very well to our home and we are so happy with her. We are also slowly introducing her to our dog, which appears to be easier than we expected. They're both very gentle so it helps that they're of like minds :) I thought you might like to know we've gotten off to a great start. Thanks again, Marilyn


Hi All! About three months ago my fiancé Ryan and I came in and adopted a kitten that went by the name of BUGGY. We wanted to thank you all for our newest addition to the family. We renamed her Nala and have completely fell in love with her! She is friendly and loving. We want to thank you again and look forward to adopting again! Happy New Year! Ryan and Amanda

We adopted these twin sisters (age 7 mos.) in 2007. They are intelligent, loving, gentle, shy and loyal-to-one-person cats. We have no idea how they ended up at QAS. They are rare Nebelung cats. We love them.

YODA and YAYA (formerly Poppy) have been here for about three months though it feels like they've always been here. They did a lot of hiding at first but have gotten progressively more brave as time goes on. We have a two year old golden lab, Bia, who is a bit excitable so the cats have been very careful warming up to her. Can't blame them! Yoda is still more shy and will join us in the livingroom at night but not the lap yet ... probably due to lack of room!! However, Yoda has become far more affectionate and both seem very happy here. Their favorite spot it at the end of our bed you can find them napping in the sun there during the day and then all night with us. We are so happy to have our new additions and I'm pretty sure they're happy with they forever home! Thank you so much for helping put more love in our home, and thank you Jan for the suggestion at just the perrrfect time!!


Dear QAS, ZIPPY is doing fine. She's the only cat I know that sleeps on a sleep number bed. Heck, I don't even sleep on it...

Zippy eats plenty of dry catfood and gets plenty of water. She's only eaten the wet cat food once. I'll still put it out in case she wants to eat it. In the beginning she would not let me touch her. Now she comes and hops on the couch and sits next to me so I can pet her. The other day she saw a toy on my desk so she hops in the chair, hops on the desk and knocks the toy to the floor. She does the same thing with my gloves. She loves to look out the window. I walked in the kitchen this afternoon and found her sitting quietly looking out the window. Did not know she was there.

The other day I walked around outside to check the trees at the side of the house. I look over to the glass patio doors and she's peeking her head through the shades to look out. She's funny. Zippy was supposed to be helping me paint the kitchen...Thanks, George

WEE is doing great. We just LOVE her. I took her to the Weymouth Landing Cat Clinic to have her ears checked a week-and-a-half ago. She had ear infections, which we got meds for. She got drops for ten days. Anyway, the vet could believe it was the same cat. She is healthy, happy, active and wiggly. She'd gained almost a whole pound in the first two weeks that I'd had her.

We love her to pieces. She keeps Gunther company all day while he works from home and she sleeps with us all night. She never lets us oversleep, because wakes us up with kisses every morning. She actually wakes us up with kisses several times during the night, too... (We have to work on that.)  Thank you so much again for all your help and how much you cared for our girl.


Dear Lynn, Kathleen, Gail and QAS, Thank you for your emails over the past two day and more important thank you for blessing us with GINGER! She is just a love and we can assure you she is well loved at our house!

She is the sweetest cat anyone could ever ask for! We think she must be part ragdoll cat - she is almost dog-like at times. She comes to greet you when you arrive, she likes to be with the family when they are around and she likes to cuddle up next to someone in bed. When we brought her home a week ago Sunday, we immediately introduced her to Nana Mary who lives in an in-law apartment attached to our house. Nana wanted to know if we had purchased Ginger for her. There was no way we would be taking Ginger to our house. Needless to say Ginger has taken up residence with Nana and it has worked out to be the best of both worlds for all of us! I believe I told you when we met at the shelter that I thought she would end up being my mother's cat.

My biggest apprehension in getting a cat was our Dog, Doogan. As wheaten terriers go, he has not taken kindly to our new furry family member. With that said, it has not been an issue as Doogan rarely pays any visits to Nana's house. We have the best of both worlds with a happy cat and dog each with their living spaces. While we have gradually tried to introduce them, it is not something we have spent a great deal of time on and really don't want to push it as we know how much Doogan scares Ginger. Actually we were beginning to wonder if Ginger even had claws, but then her claws came out while I was holding her when Doogan made an appearance.

Every morning, afternoon and evening our kids are go down to visit Nana and the Ginger. You hear how animals are good for old and young people, but until you see it in action, you can never really understand. Ginger has changed my Mom's life. She brings her such joy and a new sense of purpose. She does not want to leave the house as she has her friend Ginger to care for. We get a great kick out of hearing Nana having a full conversations with the Ginger. Everyone comments that Nana is like a new person. Ginger is certainly a spoiled princess with more beds, toys and treats (we will have to watch her weight as Nana like giving treats to all the little kiddies/kitties). One day Nana said "I did not know they had cats like this at a shelter - she is almost human, she understands what you say and so well trained."

Every afternoon Ginger takes a trip upstairs to my daughters room after school. She actually seems to enjoy spending the time with Yvonne and loves looking out the window. She is great on the computer and love sitting on homework, when she wants to make sure Yvonne is paying attention to her and not what she needs to be doing. Just this past weekend Nana had to go to a family event in RI and did not want to leave Ginger. It was not a problem as Yvonne and Colin jumped at the opportunity to sleep at Nana's house with Ginger. They said Ginger want to be on top of them all night and her purring kept them awake. A problem they surely would take any night of the week!

Well, you can be sure you will not be seeing Ginger back at the shelter, unless it was just for a visit (which we don't think Nana will allow). As for us, your kind and caring ways have made all of us certain that we will be going back to the Quincy Animal Shelter for another pet some day. QAS is just amazing thanks to all of you and we have recommended the shelter to many friends already. Colin is really hoping that some day he can volunteer at the shelter with Lynn, who really made the experience of adopting Ginger one we will hold close in our hearts forever!

Thank you all! Maureen (Dave, Yvonne, Colin and especially Nana Mary)

Hello QAS! JAKE is doing fantastic! I'll admit I was a little worried about how he would get along with Kayla, but we are SO happy to announce that they seem to be enjoying each others company very much. They were a bit apprehensive day one, and we had them keep their distance, but by the end of the first week it was like they've been living together their whole lives. It's so funny to watch them play because Kayla is our little lady and plays fairly gentle while Jake clearly plays like a boy and wants to wrestle with her. It's all in good fun though because they have never really fought yet. I feel much better when I leave for work knowing that I am not leaving one cat truly alone for 7 hours.

We have been keeping him on his Science Diet food (1/4 cup twice a day) and once in a while he will experiment Kayla's Friskies. He gets lots of love from us and is spoiled with soft places to sleep (pretty much anywhere he wants), big windows, and lots of play time. Our landlord already met him and everyone agrees he is one handsome boy.

Thank you again for being such a wonderful family to Jake while he was waiting for his forever home. He sends his love and we will always appreciate our little gift from the Quincy Animal Shelter.

Fondly, Theresa & Vernon

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter, I adopted REILLY from you in 2005. He wanted to give you an update and send you a few pictures. See below:

Hello! Seven years ago now, you found me a loving home and I wanted to give you an update and thank you again for everything you've done for me! I am doing really well. When you first got me, you had to shave me because with my long hair and having been abandoned, I looked quite horrific. It made me feel self-conscious for a while (every time I saw a mirror I couldn't help but look at myself!). But as you can see from the attached pictures, my hair has grown back and I am quite handsome those days. You had named me Phinney but my mom is French and she told me that it sounded like a word meaning "over" in her native language, so she thought Reilly would be more appropriate for my new beginning and I hope you'll agree that I certainly own the name now!

I am still a catnip junkie and despite being 7 years older (don't tell anybody but I turned 9 this year!), I still run around the house and play like a kitten. Every night when my mom comes home, I come greet her at the door and purr for 5 minutes. We really love each other! My mom has even found me a dad who has become equally crazy about me (Can you blame him? I am so cute!). So as you can see, life is really good here!

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me and finding me a loving home and I can't wait for my parents to get a bigger home so we can find me another buddy to play with because I really love other cats (there is a picture with my friend, Duc, who stays with us during holidays...of course when she stays over, I let her have the cozy bed and I get the floor...what can I say...I am a real gentleman).

Love, Reilly

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
We wanted to give you an update on our Chinese Cresteds. You are all familiar with our first, Fantasia. We just celebrated our 6th year with her and she is just a joy to our family. Actually our life is separated into two time frames…"Before Fantasia" and "After Fantasia" We never realized that this hairless pup could add so much fun to our lives. Since she had been such a positive experience, two years ago we got the chance to take on another hairless and we jumped at the chance. Amber was given to us by a breeder in NH who felt she would be best placed in a loving home rather than competing in the show ring. Fantasia quickly bonded with Amber and they very quickly became known as "the girls" in our neighborhood.

In April of this year we received a call from Donna at the QAS and she asked if we would be interested in giving a 7-year-old male crested a home. Again we jumped at the chance, sight unseen, and agreed to foster YODA. This little man won our hearts within the week and we filed for his adoption. We now live in Chinese Crested Heaven! Each personality is very different, but they all mesh to make a wonderful family enjoying long walks, playing with toys and the occasional ride in the car. Each of them has a favorite member of the family and a favorite chair to rest upon. Bed is a little crowded, but each has found their own special place and we manage just fine. Thank you QAS for introducing us to this wonderful breed!

The Smith Family (Weymouth, MA)

Here is TJ relaxing poolside on the deck. He is SO NOT spoiled! :D TJ is the sweetest little boy with the cutest little piggies......Hey, it's a Mom thing! Thank you for taking care of our furry friends while they find their forever home.
~Elaine Lund

Hi everyone it's me...Ziggy (formerly Ethan)!

I was adopted from the shelter in March of 2012 by a wonderful family. They had two 11 month old kittens name Lulu and Momo they had adopted from a shelter in Vermont. Sadly Lulu die from FIP, a fatal feline disease the month before. Mommie wanted someone to play with Momo and to keep her company while they were at work, also to help her get over missing her sister.

So they came to the Quincy animal shelter to find Momo a partner in crime. Out of all the kittens there they picked me. They took me home to meet my new big sister. I was very scared at first but they were patient, my Mommie and her son patted me, played with me and fed me treats until I adjusted.

We have a three level, 5 foot tall scratching post. Mommy put it in the big front window so Momo and I can be part of the neighborhood watch team. Momo and I like to race up it and play king of the mountain. We also have two cat in blue and one in pink, guess which one is mine? lol. We have lots of toys, my favorite is a ball of crinkly paper that is fun to bat around. Momo is a cool big sister, oh she hissed and growled a lot at first, but once we decided we liked each other we started bonding and playing together. We get along great now and are inseparable. Momo also has lots of energy like me. Our favorite time to play is at 4:00 Am when everyone is a sleep. We run up and down the stairs and growl, Momo meows and I squeak. I don't know how to meow so I squeak, my Mommy thinks it is funny and calls me Squeaker,lol.

I am really happy my Mommy and her son found me and brought me in to their family. I like my big sister Momo she is really fun to be around. Well Momo is waiting for me to go play king of the scratching post ...I hope I win today,lol.

Hope you all have a purrfect day! Love Ziggy 

Hi everybody at the shelter,

Bella (formally Bernadette) wanted to show you her new digs. She is very happy and loves watching the birds from the window ledges. She is adjusting very well and has a lot of love from her new mommy and daddy. She gets around great, has a lot of toys and has already had her first visit to the beauty parlor. We are so happy that we came to the Quincy shelter that Saturday morning...It was fate. Thank you all again for the great work you do at the shelter.
Luv and Meows, Joanne, Mark and Bella

We adopted Otto about 3 years ago from you and just wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed him. He is a wonderful pet! We take him to the dog park, but we are careful to scout it out before we let him loose. We take him for walks along the river here in Hannibal. He is a happy, friendly, fun dog and we just love him to pieces. My daughter and I both work at different nursing homes and we often take him in for our residents to enjoy. They love him and he is wonderful with them. The picture I'm sending was taken in the car after a jaunt at the dog park. We lost our cat recently, who was Otto's buddy. We are thinking about checking with you again to see if we can find another pal for him.
Sincerely, Joy Smith

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

I adopted Lamb (formerly known as Lambchop) over the winter. I was looking for a small dog as a companion for my dog Jackson. They bonded immediately. Surprisingly, Lamb became a constant companion to my 14 yr old elderly siamese cat Fayro. Lamb plays with them both, chases both dog and cat around and has a great time.

Lamb goes to work with Jackson and myself daily, serving as a therapy dog to adults with mental illness. Day one Lamb walked into our workplace and acted as if she "owned it." Lamb is gentle with all thse patients, very protective of them, and when a visitor arrives acts as if she a huge guard dog! Loved by so many people and SPOILED!!!!

Lamb sleeps curled up nightly with both Jackson and Fayro next to their Mom. Lamb has been a great new addition to my family, and for those who rescued her/ trained her/ and watched over her in the shelter, they would be surprised now to see a gentle, affectionate and playful puppy, though still with a little attitude!

Thank you everyone for all that you do. Lisa Jackson, Fayro and Lamb

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter:

Tommy/Hobbes is doing great! The cats are getting along well only an occasional hiss. What a sweet cat!

- Leslie M.

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter:

We wanted to give you an update on Astro. He has been a member of our family for 4 months now and we can't imagine life without him. He has learned to walk well on a leash and is a great running partner for my shorter runs (since anything over 6 miles daddy needs to rescue him with the car to bring him home). Astro has started weight training and getting ready for his summer hikes in the mountains. He looks so cute in his backpack! He is still that lovable goof ball, and rolls around whenever he sees something soft, like our bedroom carpet every morning. For anyone that knows Astro, he has had a plush toy for over two weeks now, that he carries around like his baby and is very gentle with, so he isn't as destructive as he once was. His personality is starting to come through as he becomes more comfortable with us, and I think we may be spoiling him a little too much!

Everyone that meets him says what a wonderful dog he is, and we couldn't agree more. He still has some accidents now and again, but he is working on improving that. Thank you very much for rescuing him and being patient to find him the right home. He fits our active life style so well and loves our runs, hikes and walks, although I think his favorite thing is car rides to PetCo. He is the best with our niece and nephews, and cries when they leave. He really is the sweetest, gentlest dog, and is changing people's opinion on Pit Bulls whereever we go. Thank you again!

- Best wishes, Lisa and Trevor

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter:

Hello Jen & everyone at QAS... remember me, Sonja? I was adopted a month ago and it has REALLY been an exciting time!

My people gave me this email address & said I could keep it until summer so I could let my friends at QAS know that I am happy & settling in quite nicely to my new home.

I am having a procedure at Angell Memorial to take care of my hyperthyroidism... when my people first saw the price, they started talking about just keeping on giving me my ear rubs, but I decided to start playing hide-and-seek with them in the morning... I don't think the woman thought it was so much fun at 5:30 in the morning, and especially not on the day she was late. Anyway, she decided to use her tax refund on me... isn't that special?

I've attached some pictures that let you see how I spend my days... I've numbered them so if you look at them in order, that gives you a pretty good idea of the kind of life I'm leading.

Of course, I'm still exploring... I haven't gone down the hall yet to see the guy's room or gone into the dining area yet, but I'm sure whatever's there will become mine in a short time.

Love to all at QAS... and thank you for everything.
- Sonja-Cat

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter:

We wanted to give you an update on Jacques. He's been a member of the family for over 6 months now, and is the best cat and friend to our daughter we could ever ask for. And surprisingly enough, he has turned into a lap cat, which we never saw coming! All we have to do is pat the couch cushion and he's belly up next to one of us. Each night he rotates between our daughter's room and our room, and wiggles his way into the covers. He makes his presence known with a very loud grunt-purr. He makes every day so much better for us all, he's so funny and affectionate, and we wanted to touch base and thank you all again for giving a special boy like him a chance. Here's a picture of him checking out the new baby's crib. We know he'll be a very protective older brother!
- Sincerely, The Wheeler Family

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter:

Things are going great with CAPTAIN! He's a snuggle bug. He's incredibly loving, and boy does he love his food. He pushes his food bowl all around the kitchen while he's gobbling his food up. Captain is my alarm clock. Every morning he crawls onto my chest and lays there head butting until I wake up to feed him. He does the same to Matt. It's super endearing. He sleeps in the bed all night. I'm sending a couple pictures, but will send more in the future!
- Rachel

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter:

is terrific! We work on training details every day (not too happy with the vacuum cleaner, getting up on forbidden couches and beds, etc.) but he is so responsive and tries very hard to do the right thing. I'd like to work with him to complete his CGC. He's still too easily distracted now, but we'll work on it.

Last weekend my son and daughter-in-law visited. My daughter-in-law is a gorgeous, six foot tall, red-haired amazon. Luke took one look and fell totally in love. Fortunately, she reciprocated. They spent the weekend walking in the woods, and cuddling on the couch in the sunroom. It was touching and very funny. Luke even chose to sleep outside her door at night. Luke as a Romeo, who knew? Unfortunately I don't have pictures, but I think Alexis took a bunch so maybe she'll share. She sent pictures of Luke to all her friends, who thought him adorable.

We had a full coyote chorus the other night and Luke was stunned. Nell told him, "they always sound like that." So he wasn't afraid, but very, very curious.  His barn manners are very good now. He knows that when it's time for the horses to come in or go out, he is to go into the extra stall or the tackroom. I'm afraid he's learned the gastronomic delights of horse "cookies", and he also likes to lick up any leftover feed (usually ground flax). He thinks going to the barn is a very fun thing to do. As we walk down to the woods trail, he looks to make sure the horses are where they are supposed to be, but knows he is not to go into the paddock. Good boy.

Thank you for Luke. For rescuing him, for providing such great, solid, wise training, for giving him a loving foster family, for appreciating his spirit and joie de vivre and for being patient and not giving up until Life, Chance, and the Universe brought him to us.
- Ellen

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter:

Nancy Harris: Just wanted to send you an updated photo of Spike at the Fenno House. We had a couple from a farm bring in some Angora Rabbits to give a demonstration. SPIKE loved the rabbits. When they left, he cried and wanted to follow them out. Spike brings so much joy to everyone in the building. He provides a lot of therapy around here. My life would be very boring without him to keep me young. Thank you again. Maryl B. and SPIKE

Dear Nancy: Spike (adopted 08/19/2010) is thriving in his new home. He is acting as a therapy dog for all the seniors at the Fenno House. There was a party in the common room the other day with live entertainment. All the people were seated in a circle. Spike went down the line stopping in front of almost all of them. He just goes over to people and sits in front of them and wait to be petted. He just loves people. He has brought so much joy to everyone in the building. I sometimes feel that he is not my dog, but has 150 parents in the building. Spike is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. Thank you and the Quincy Animal Shelter so much.
- Maryl B.

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter:
Love is... Love is your husband telling you he slept on the edge of the bed all night because he didn't want to disturb the dog. Love is... Your husband letting the dog lick his ice cream cone in between him taking licks and letting the dog have the last bite - the pointy end! (this is funny: TJ is only interested in ice cream if we are eating it in the car. He has no interest if we are eating it outside at the ice cream place) TJ is loved beyond the stars! Thank You!
- The Lund Family

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter:

Hi Nancy and Donna, I've been meaning to send you both an email to update you on Bentley. He is just amazing and doing really well. He is honestly the best english bulldog in the world. Well, at least to us! Bentley now weighs 70 lbs which is up from 40 when I adopted him back in May. He is very healthy in every way. He loves to play but equally loves his couch time and napping. He also loves playing with my older daughter's two boston terriers. I have included a picture for you. Hopefully we can get back to visit some time! Many thanks again!
- Deb M.

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter:

Thank you for what we know will be a wonderful addition to our family! We adopted "Shine" today, her "forever name" is Molly. She came in and spent a few minutes exploring the house on her own. She's such a good little girl, she came up for a nap on my lap within an hour and when she woke up she played with her new toys for nearly an hour with our son. I came into the living room hours later and she was napping on my husband's chest! She's a little cuddle bug who loves to play but is also very relaxed. I've never seen a cat adjust so quickly to a new home - we just love her already and can't wait to watch her grow up with our son! :)
- The Swans

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter:

I'm letting you folks that my roommate and I got Sebastion from the Shelter 5 years ago this past April. He turned 15 in November and is still running the house. He is such a great joy to us and to anyone who comes to visit.
- Lois S.

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter:

About three months ago my boyfriend Zack and I went to Quincy Animal Shelter with the hopes of finding the perfect feline companion. Much to our surprise and delight on our first visit we made an instant connection with Bluta (formerly Caliquo)! She setteled in nicely and is now the queen of the apartment! She may be 6 years old, and a solid 11 pounds but you wouldn't know it when she leaps and bounds through the air after her favorite toy, a feather on a "fishing pole". After play time is over she quickly takes up residence in her favorite spot, between Zack and I on the couch, for a nice long nap. She has so much personality and is a wonderful addition to our home. We would to thank QAS for connecting us!
- Alex & Zack

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter:

I adopted Fred in March 2011. Fred was recovering from an upper respiratory infection when I saw him for the first time in February. He was a shy little boy, sleeping in a shoe box. When one of the Volunteers asked if I would like to try to pet him, I immediately said yes. She was not sure if he would let me but he did and it was love at first pet! I was allowed to foster Fred starting the next week when he was on the mend and I officially adopted him in March. Fred is a happy, lovey boy that loves to to be held, eat, play and snuggle. Fred and I recently had to temporarily move back in with my parents, whom have our family cats. I was nervous about this because Fred is so attached to me but he has proven me wrong. He loves having friends to play with and he spends his nights running around the house with Minnie and Moe. Fred has been such a joy over the past 10 months, thank you for everything all the Volunteers have done for him and especially for nursing him back to health so I could bring him home with me. Love,
- Rachel and Fred

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter:

Hi! My husband and I adopted Tulip aka Macie back in September of last year. We are grateful everyday that we found her. As you can see from these pictures, she lives a charmed life. Her and our other dog Cooper gets along like brother and sister. Macie is about a year and a half now and is about 14 or 15 pounds. She is full of life and is very independent but is also a daddy's girl. Her under bite is quite possibly the cutest thing on earth, I think it gets her out of trouble sometimes. Thank you!
- Julana R.

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter:
Hi, Reva was a Rottie mix female who began her journey to us at QAS, where she was surrendered with her puppies for "aggressive behavior" some time in 1998. Reva spent months at QAS, then early in 1999, she was transferred to the Scituate Animal Shelter to give her exposure to some new people in the hopes she would find her forever home, which she did when my husband went looking for a "little dog" for our new home in April, 1999. From what I am told, Reva was being walked outside by a Volunteer when my husband came around the corner and he and Reva saw each other, it was mutual love at first sight. Our first week or so was not easy. Reva was a dominant female and bonded intensely with my husband, relegating me to "the bottom of the pack". She targeted my belongings, destroying my dress coat and my favorite slacks but the final straw was when she bit my hand as I tried to lead her from the room where my husband was sleeping. At that point, I had had enough and wanted to send her back to the Shelter. On the advise of a behavioral specialist at the Scituate Shelter, we tried one last method to put Reva in her place, and for one solid week my husband was not allowed to show her overt affection or feed or walk her - I did all of those things - and the result was like a light switch in Reva - she realized her role in both our lives and we enjoyed her unconditional love and loyalty until her death from cancer in May of 2009. Reva was my first dog, and after she passed I adoopted not one but TWO rescue dogs to fill the void. I like to share her story because we stuck with her through the worst of times at the beginning and it paid off a million times over in the 10 years we had with her.
- Sandra M.

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter:
Thanks for letting adopt Zeus (which is now named Schrodinger) He's been absolutely a sweet heart, and he got along with my old cat Mika very quick. Although they still chase each other and hiss sometimes, they enjoy hanging on the cat tree together. I hope rest of your pet could find their home soon, as they were all very awesome. (I would totally take them all if I could win the lottery :) ) Thanks again!
- Tai

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter:
Hello! I adopted Jessie and Josie from the Quincy Animal Shelter 4 years ago. I wanted to forward along a picture to show you how they are doing! While they have taken over my house :) I bought this ratan chair for "their" bedroom. Jessie loves to sleep in this chair, while Josie sleeps in the daybed her grandfather (my father) made for them :) The girls are loved by all! My parents call Jessie and Josie their grandkitties :)
- Love, Jackie, Jessie and Josie

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter:
SADIE is doing so well! She is such a sweetie. I couldn't imagine picking a better cat... we just love her. She settled in quite nicely... We have not had any issues. She seems like a very happy cat, she is very playful. For the first week she would run behind the couch or under the bed any time she heard the front door open, but know when we come home, she is snuggled in her favorite spots, whether it be on the couch or in bed (she's spoiled!), and immediately walks over to us purring. I am so happy we found her... she is perfect for us, and it makes me happy to see her content & comfortable!
- Mallory M.

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter:
We adopted Boston & Sage in August, 2011 - just two days after my birthday. Being new to the area, we wanted to adopt a cat to keep us company. Little did we know we would end up with two. When we found out that Boston & Sage were surrendered together, we knew we had to keep them together. Since the day we brought them home they have been very playful and curious about life; although mischievous at times they are well-behaved overall. Boston loves to go for walks and explore the outside - he takes short supervised walks around the hallway of our 12th story apartment. Sage loves to hunt - she chases anything that moves and pounces on Boston when he's sleeping. They get along great - always grooming each other and playing all over the house. We just wanted to e-mail to thank you for giving us the opportunity to adopt Boston & Sage - they have been a pleasure to have in our home and they keep our lives interesting. Special thanks to Paulette for making the adoption process smooth and easy. Thanks for all that you do and good luck!
- Kind Regards, Alex & Janice

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter:
We recently moved to Quincy and were looking to add a cat to our home. My boyfriend saw Scotty on your website and we instantly fell in love. We visited him at the Shelter in September 2011 and we adopted him! We were told by everyone at the Shelter that Scotty was a lovable, talkative, and friendly cat. They were so happy that we were able to give him a forever home. When we brought him home it only took him a few hours to get adjusted! We go to CT once a month to visit my parents and he has adjusted there as well. Even my Dad (who hated cats to begin with fell in love with him!) He loves snuggling on the bed, belly rubs and hanging next to the sliding glass door looking out to the Boston skyline. He is such a character and everyone comments on how beautiful he is! My boyfriend and I are so blessed to have Scotty as an addition to our family and we are forever grateful for QAS. We look forward in donating items, attending fundraisers, and possibly adopting more pets!
- Jen, Tommy and Scotty

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter:
My husband and I adopted Wrigley from the Shelter in September 2011. We lost both of our beloved kitties this past summer, so we were a bit apprehensive about adopting so soon. After moving into our new house in August, we realized that the house wouldn't become a "home" until we adopted a new feline resident. We then saw Wrigley on the Shelter's website and instantly fell in love. He came home to Framingham three days later. It would be an understatement to say that he's settling in nicely. Wrigley thoroughly enjoys watching "cat TV" (i.e., gazing out the window), batting around his catnip toys, and taking naps with the humans. Thanks for taking such good care of Wrigley and all the other kitties and doggies at the Shelter.
- Kristina and Ken - Framingham, MA

I just got your newsletter and had to email you these pictures of the two cats that Kevin and I adopted from the Shelter last year. Crimson and Clover are their names. I changed their names as they were still very young when we adopted them. Their other names were something like Maizzo and Maisey. I think love and content is the best way to describe this picture of them. We lost out dog Maggie and did not want to get another dog right away so I came to the Shelter and fell in love with these two munchkins. We love and adore them and can't be any happier, from day one we all got along and live happily ever after. I hope you enjoy the pictures.
- Love, Karen

When I lost my cat last January, I was devasted. I never thought I would adopt again. Then I found JAZZ. I adopted him last June. He is a wondeful boy. He is eight years old. I wanted an older cat, because I am a senior citizen myself and wanted to give an older cat to have a forever home. Although I will alway miss my Sasha. Jazz also has a special place in my heart. If you read this, please give an older cat a chance. They will give you lots of love in return.
- Ethel Boyne, Quincy, MA

Hi everyone at QAS!
It's been about a month since Mark and I adopted SLIM (who's new name is ORION, like the constellation) and he's made our lives so much happier than we ever could have imagined! He's the most playful cat, and he loves to curl up and cuddle on our couch and our bed. When we came to QAS, we weren't sure if we would find a pet who wanted to come home with us, but as soon as we saw Orion, we knew he was the one. When we first got him home, it took him a little while to get used to his new house, but after about 2 days, he owned the place! He's got us wrapped around his little paws, and there's rarely a time when he's not being held or petted. Orion loves to lay in the sun by our glass slider doors, and play with his toys. We cant wait to spend many many more great years with him, and we cant thank everyone at QAS enough for bringing our little family together. After Orion, we're sure all of our pets will be from the shelter (it was almost impossible to leave with just him!) because there's no better feeling than rescuing. Everyone at QAS was extremely helpful, and all the cats and dogs were so sweet. Our only regret is that we dont have enough room for Orion's sister June, but we check the website every day in the hopes that someone will adopt her soon! If she's anything like her brother, she's an amazing cat and will make a family extremely happy!!! Again, we cant thank you enough for bringing Orion to our family. He's the happiest part of our day!
- Brittany, Mark and Orion

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
I would like to share the story of our new family member, BROOKS. He has been with us since Feburary 14th, yes, Valentine's Day, and there are no words to describe how he has come to form a special bond with everybody around here. We kept the name from the Shelter and he enjoys playing with his soft golf ball, he would fetch it if you throw it bouncing away. He loves to wake us up in the morning, he is like the cutest rooster you could ever ask for. We are blessed to have him around and my kids and wife just adore him. For all this we will always be thankful to all the hard work you guys do every day at the QAS by promoting a better world for every pet. Thanks again!
- Marco M, Monica L, Marco Jr and Michelle

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
I am writing you today to say Thank You! We are the proud parents of Po (aka Sal). We adopted him from your Shelter a couple of months ago and he has just been wonderful. When we brought him home, it took him a little bit to come out of his shell, but now that he has, he just loves to play with his toys, his new friend Binx, cuddle with us and just purr up a storm! He has no quandaries about personal space, some nights its a battle to get him off our laps! He loves to eat, play and snuggle all day long. He has been such a joy to have and has made our home even more wonderful. Thank you so much for saving him and allowing us to adopt him into our lives.
- Always, Patterson, Sarah, Binx and Po!

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
I wanted to share my success story with you. I adopted my kitten Puck in October 2008. He was the only kitten doing back flips in his crate so I knew that this little ball of personality had to be mine. He was from a litter of kittens named after Shakespeare characters. His name really suited him so I decided to keep it. When he arrived home, my dog, Ozzy (a Shiba Inu/Corgi rescue dog) immediately took to Puck and started raising him as his own little "puppy". Puck and Ozzy have become best friends and my dog is thrilled to have a buddy to wrestle and run around with. Puck has been a great addition to my home! Both Puck and Ozzy benefit from each other's company when I am at work. These two have developed a great relationship and have become partners in crime. I also discovered that without knowing, my student also adopted a kitten from the Shakespeare litter as well! Thanks for all your help matching me with an amazing cat!
- Nicole K.

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
We adopted Captain Meomwers Fishington the Great (aka Bubba) at the beginning of July 2010. He loves to play with his midnight crazy balls, eat from our catnip plant, drink water from his bowl on a coffee table, and etc. When he's not sitting on the scale or his little stool, he loves to be the center of attention. He's definitely the quirky cat we've always wanted!
- Andrew and Kristen

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
It's been 7 years since my Mum, Dad, and I adopted Cleo and Anika, sisters that were found in a dumpster, and we don't know how life would be without them! They are very much so part of the family. Anika, the Tiger cat, is next to me on the table as I write this, looking out the window and chirping at the birds. Cleo, the gray one, is rubbing my legs, meowing at me for some more snacks. Because they're sisters, they sometimes have a bat at one another, but often we find them running around, meowing and playing tag or playing soccer with a ping pong ball. They are always walking across the computer keyboard while I do my homework, swishing their tails in my face, so they can have a good look outside. But the best thing about having them is that when we go to bed, we always find them waiting for us, curled up against our pillows ready for bedtime. So thank you, Quincy Animal Shelter, for nearly a decade of wonderful memories.
- Elizabeth

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
Sedona is the best little girl ever! We took her to the bogs in Hanson on Sunday and she met my brother's dogs Ollie and Lucy. She is a great little girl - she listens so well and is such a cuddle bug. She fell asleep in my arms on the couch yesterday - it was awesome. Thank you so much for letting us have her - she is the best addition to our lives!
- Joe and Stacy

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
It has been about a month since we adopted Shifty (formally Bear at the Shelter). We decided on the name change due to obvious/awesome reasons. Shifty has been doing awesome since he stepped foot into our apartment. He still is getting use to having only 3 legs, but that doesn't stop him from having fun. He likes to play with us while laying on his back and swinging his paw at his toys. Shifty also loves getting his stomached rubbed too. He is pretty much spoiled rotten due to the fact he gets to sleep on the bed, he absolutely loves it. Other than that he's great, I feel like he's starting to warm up to us more and more each day. We obviously know this, because he loves to head butt us to say hello even while we are trying to sleep. But I would like to thank you guys at QAS for letting us adopt Shifty and bring a lot of joy to me and my girlfriend Lindsay; it's great to come home to see that cat all cuddled up on my bed, he's a character.
- Thanks again - Tim & Lindsay

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
It has been 5 months since we adopted CURTIS (we re-named him SHANE). He has been a great dog and we hope he will stay with us for a long time! Shane has gotten used to our cat Charlet, but he still is surprised when he sees her sometimes. We found out that Shane loves the snow so much that he will sometimes rolls around in it (Too bad all the snow melted)! Shane has taken the role as our old dog Samantha that we had to put down because of her cancer, but Shane Filled the void in our lives! Shane loves the house, he knows every nook and crany of the house! Shane has gotten lots and lots of energy since we got him, he loves to go for walks on trails with us, just the other day we went to a trail in Plymouth and he made friends with a Jack Russel Terrier. :) Shane loves us and we love him, we will never give him up.
- Love, Daniel, Henny, Ian and Camilla (and Shane)

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
I adopted PETE back in November 2010, 10 days after loosing a very special Shelter cat to heart failure. In the beginning Pete was on edge, but within a few short weeks, he began fulfilling all of the promises outlined in his bio. He follows me around wherever I go, and always wants to sit on the couch and watch TV with me. He purrs all the time and loves to "collapse" on me as if to say he can't handle all this new love and attention. I feel very fortunate to have him in my life, and I'm grateful to QAS for taking care of him in the months before we met.
- Sincerely, Allison

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
It's been about 2 months since I adopted Murray (shelter name: Pippen) from QAS and I have to say, it's been some of the best two months of my life! Pippen was shy at first, but he warmed up quickly and has become a wonderful cuddly affectionate friend. We've learned more and more about how to relate to each other and I had an early breakthrough when I discovered some cat toys that he goes crazy for. Now we have fun playing together every morning before work, and at the end of the day when I get home. Recently when I was home sick the bond was cemented even more when my little guy stayed by my side and cuddled with me the whole time, purring and lifting my spirits until I was better. There's a lot of love there, and I've quickly become "one of those cat people," always talking about my little guy at work and with friends.

Thank you for all that you do at QAS. Murray and a lot of other animals have a really rough start of life and it's such a special thing to be able to take one of these little ones in and help turn their life around. I certainly am doing my best to lavish Murray with love and take great care of him, and I thank you for having helped bring him into my life. All best,
- Ben

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
It's been 2 weeks today that Lady "Lilah" Lu (fka Dottie) came home. The first time she saw me at the Shelter she new she had a forever home!

She was a bit scared on the ride home, and when we got here she hid inside the loveseat for a couple of hours. I coaxed her out with a snack and she started exploring her kingdom. The first night she'd explore for a few minutes then run back for a little reassuring belly rub then off she'd go again.

She LOVES her new friend Mo, in fact I say she's Mo's cat because where ever Mo is Lilah is sure to be right behind him, she's even learning to drink from a running faucet just like Mo.
- Donna S.

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
"Danny" aka "Bob" - Just wanted to pass along some photos. "Bob" loves his Labrador "Charlie". I rescued Charlie and it was love at first site. It was the same with Bob.
- J C C

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
RUGBY came to live at our house just 2 months ago, but we can't imagine the place without him! He is particularly fond of tuna, and toys that squeak. He's learning some basic commands with the help of Donna's DoRight Dogs training: "sit", "come", "leave it", etc. He's convinced that the puppy he sees reflected in our patio door is another adorable dog, exactly like himself. And thank goodness he likes the snow - we have plenty of it! He's been helping us clear it away by climbing on the shovel for a ride as soon as we've filled it with snow! We are delighted to have him in our family. He gives us reasons to smile every day!
- Carol

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
We would like to thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to bring GOTTI (aka TEDY) into our home. He is an amazing addition to our family, and has already become our daughter's best friend. He LOVES car rides and comes almost everywhere with us, even to work on Saturday mornings! The few times he is home alone he has the whole house to run around and he listens to classical music which has helped stop his itching problem. He is the friendliest dog, and everyone loves him. His favorite thing is to give hugs, and that's one of our favorites too. He is so awesome and loving. He quickly just adapted to us as we did to him.
- Brandon

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
Abby (aka Mumma Kitty/Miss Priss) has settled in nicely. She spent the first couple days zooming through the house like a whirling dervish - no doubt excited at her new-found freedom! She watches TV with me on the bed (she loves Animal Planet), lets me know when it's time to eat, and rushes to get me when the birds outside are gobbling up the dry food left for the stray/feral cats! She's very vocal, especially when it's time to sleep, and is my kitty alarm clock in the morning. Abby also has a distinct meow that sounds like "Mumma" when she wants attention. Although she's not a lap cat, she luxuriates in ear scratches and belly rubs, and will sit on the newspaper or book you're reading if she hasn't had enough. It's funny to see her pile up her toys in the middle of her turbo scratcher like a toy box. Then she takes a running dive at them, sending them flying all over the place! The best is when she's waiting at the door when I come home from work, full of love and excitement to tell me about her day.
- Gail M.

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
We would like to give an update on some cats we rescued from QAS. My fiance Craig and I adopted a brother and sister (Thomas and Thomasina who we renamed Figaro and Penelope) back in October of 2009. They are all grown now, and Fig is the typical big brother and checks on Penelope since she is a tiny little thing.

September 2010 we wanted to rescue another one. After going into the Shelter to see the personalities of the cats, we fell in love with Apache! We loved what QAS named him, so we kept it. He is about 4 years old and has this look about him. He is a solid/muscular cat that looks like he is mad, but he is the exact opposite! His nickname is 'Meatball' or 'Meaty' because he reminds us of a bulldog because of his stature. He is such a snuggle bug and is a huge momma's boy, so he usually is somewhere near me. He loves to sleep on my pillow, play with my hair or nibble my fingers to wake me up in the morning after a night of snuggling.

Apache gets along so well with Figaro and Penelope too! Fig finally has another boy he can rough house and play with. When Penelope is feeling brave she runs around with them, but most of the time sits on the side lines when the playing starts since the boys are so much bigger than her.

We could not be happier to have our cats, and cannot imagine not having them. We could not have asked for 3 better cats!

Photos: Photo 1 - Apache on left, Figaro in the middle and Penelope on the right. Photo 2 - Apache. Photo 3 - Figaro. Photo 4 - Apache. Photo 5 - Penelope.

Thank you for everything, QAS!
- Erin & Craig

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
This is TJ's second Christmas with us, and boy is he happy! Santa brought him a new bed and a stocking filled with (more) toys and treats. He had a busy fun-filled day at Grammy's. And because of all the excitement, he missed his early morning nap, his mid morning nap, his late morning nap, and his noon time nap, his early afternoon nap, his mid afternoon nap, and his late afternoon nap, he was just plum tuckered out! But as soon as Grammy said dinner was ready, he was awake and ready for meatballs! Thank you for a year filled with joy because of TJ!
- The Lund Family

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
Attached is a photo of our kittens we adopted on July 10th, 2010 from the Shelter. You knew them as Delia and Daschel. We have renamed them Callie & Bandit. Callie now weighs 7.25 lbs and Bandit 9 lbs. They have been alot of fun and have totally taken over the house. We had to put our Christmas tree on the enclosed porch in front of the sliding door, because it wouldn't have been safe in the house with them. Thanks!
- The Timcoes

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
This is a long overdue "hello" and "thank you" from a guy who was a resident at QAS for a long time. You knew him as CHET. We had Max for a short time, too, who did not work out, hence the cone collar in one of these photos. I hope Max found a great home that worked out for him!

When I walked in the adult cat room at Quincy Animal Shelter, Chet was the monster cat that sprung to life on a whim to play "toss the mouse" to himself, and wrestle with it until he startled himself with the realization that he was on his back and couldn't get up. I loved him instantly.

Chet came into a new home with healthy lungs and a voice that could wake the dead (an alto, for sure). He cried the whole night through for two nights, crowing to find someone who would come sing with him. Once I caught on that this was more of a conversation starter than a show of sadness, we began a conversation that has not stopped since. Chet didn't respond to his name, but when I called out that "tuuuuunaaaa" was on the menu, he immediately said, "rrreeeooowwww" and came running (OK, he didn't run, he more or less galloped with his front paws going down when his back paws came up, like a seesaw around his basketball belly). He is more of a dog-like companion than a cat, and he says hello with a "reh-reh" and an eskimo kiss every morning and at the door when I get home from work.

TUNA has been a big hit with all the guys, and the ladies in fact. You were kind enough to let us know he likes guys more, which is why he enjoys living in San Francisco so much. He flew here in April with me and has a big apartment with a long hallway that he gallops up and down daily. He has lost 2 pounds in the last year and a half and is now a trimmer 16 pounds. :) I appreciate everything you all did for this great guy, from the safety and love you showed him, to the party mix treats you gave us when we took him home (still his favorite), to the tips about which comb to use on his mane (he loves brush time), to letting him go on to his own family - some of you were very sad to see him leave, and I now know why. I am sure he misses you very much and thinks of you often. It's just the way he is.

As I write this, Tuna is sitting under the Christmas Tree, head on a present. He has a stocking on the fireplace next to mom's and dad's and he is very much a part of our family. We love him very much.

Here is a video of Tuna doing his "prancing horse" to get head rubs. (

You can all friend Tuna on facebook: to see pics as I update them.
- Suzanne O., San Francisco, CA

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
BELLE is doing really well! She's adapting to the her new routine with me gone during the day, with Lindsay, her dog walker, coming in around noon to take her out. She loves to go for walks and - if I'll let her - run, and she still tries to chase squirrels, birds, etc. She is a real doll - she is all over me when I get home at night, loves to snuggle and has found her way onto my bed at night. It's as if she was always a part of the family!
- Lisa

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
Just sending an update on CALI (known to QAS as JAZZ). She's doing great still and got to meet Santa today! She is VERY spoiled and is going to be getting lots of new treats and toys for Christmas. She is usually busy in the backyard chasing around squirrels and birds but likes to take breaks and snuggle up with her owners or play catch with them. Thanks again for letting us adopt Cali last January. She's been a joy to have and we can't imagine our house without her. Merry Christmas and Happy 2011!
- Sara P.

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
Christmas Time with T J! Thank You QAS!
- Elaine L.

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
Hello! Just wanted to send you guys an update on a 1 yr old black cat we adopted in March 2010. Her name was Honey and I came to the Shelter because we wanted to adopt a kitten to join our family in a our new home. I brought my 4 yr old daughter with me and right away the QAS Volunteer who met us at the door, suggested we adopt "Honey" she was so gentle and kind, so even though we had a visit with other cats, we fell in love with Honey right away due to her sweet and extremely gentle personality. I have attached a few pictures of Honey and my daughter. When we first brought Honey home, my daughter thought is would be a good idea to dress up in her old Halloween costume, as a black cat of course, so Honey would feel more comfortable. Hahahaha! It was sooo adorable! For days she dressed up and acted as "Honey's Mommy".. They are still inseparable 8 months later. Honey loves us to hold and pet her while she lounges around our home :) Honey is the best family cat EVER!!! We feel so lucky have such a wonderful pet. She is well taken care of. Thank you to the wonderful Volunteer who suggested we adopt "Honey Baby Grace"!
- Tara

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
I absolutely love my Sheldon/"Shadow"! He gives the greatest welcome home every night when I walk in from work. He is great in the car and loves going for walks and playing with other dogs. He loves tennis balls and since he likes to play with his mouth, which other dogs don't always appreciate, he usually holds a tennis ball the whole time we are out and it solves that problem. He loves chasing birds and squirrels. I take him almost everywhere I go. He rarely barks. He is usually very calm so everyone loves when I bring him over. He is just so well-behaved and sweet and I'm lucky to have him in my life!
- Brittany

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
Eddie and Bob are both from QAS. They are best pals and each is now 12. I adopted Eddie 1st and one day he pointed out to me that he was lonely when I was at work. I went back to QAS and Bob found me. Bob came home with me and Eddie and he became pals immediately. Now we describe them as: Eddie and his sidekick, Bob... or Bob and his pal, Eddie.... depending on your point of view. Together they always take one of two forms..... bookends, or seagulls. This day they were bookends.
- Greg Mooter

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
Hi! I just wanted to send you some photos of my cat Akroot (AKA Ash). I adopted him in May 2010, he was just an 8 week old kitten, now he just turned 8 months old and still as cute as ever - we renamed him Akroot, which is Arbic for CUTE, as he always will be. He is very quiet and only meows when he wants us to open our bedroom door for him! He loves playing with plastic bags and his favorite toy. He always jumps to the laundry basket while I am doing laundry and keeps me company when I am doing house chores. Thank you guys for letting me adopt him, I can't imagine my life without him! Thank you!
- Tahani Alturkistani

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
JOE is doing excellent! He has really settled in nicely - he follows us around the house, is very playful, and loves to sit in the front windows in his cat perch. His fur is looking really good, and he loves to be brushed. He is a really sweet cat and we're glad we got him. Thanks to QAS for all of your help!
- Michele

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
We would like to thank all of you at the Shelter for giving us the opportunity to adopt URSULA which we have renamed BELLA. Bella adjusted to our house and family extremely fast. The first night she was sleeping with our daughter and the next day she was following our daughter all around the house. They are two buddies who can't be separated! Bella is very playful and a joy to watch as she plays with all the new toys we got her. This cat is definitely spoiled in ever single way shape and form. She is awesome and is loved very much by everyone in the family. Bella completes our family, you'll never know how grateful we are to have her. Thanks so much!
- The DeLuca Family

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
Hi!! We adopted LAURA from the Quincy Animal Shelter almost 2 months ago, and I can not even begin to describe the joy that she had brought to our family. Laura is older, but she still loves to be outside and active, but is equally happy laying with you and watching a movie. She loves to be with someone at all times, and there are plenty of family and friends that are more than happy to accommodate her. She is so fun, loving and lovable that we could not imagine having a better addition to the family! :)
- Theresa M.

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
Just wanted to let everyone know that ROCKY is having a great summer. He loves the beach and swims every day. And of course his favorite pastime is still playing with a good rock. He's even got me looking for just the right one. He's full of life even though we celebrated his 11th birthday a few months back. As a dog walker you sometimes get attached to certain dogs and you're happy to see them get adopted but sad that you won't see them again. I guess I couldn't let him go and I'm so glad I didn't. He's a very special boy. Thanks to everyone who took care of him while he was there.
- Coleen and Rocky

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
I adopted my cat from your Shelter 9 years ago when I lived in Quincy. Her Shelter name was MARIA. Her name is now JUNIORELLA (long story). Anyway, we live in Halifax, MA now and she is going to turn 9 this month and she couldn't be more spoiled and pampered! Here is a recent picture of her. She's a beauty (at least I think so)!
- Allyson B.

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
After being part of our family now for seven months, T.J. knows that after a hearty breakfast of kibble and scrambled eggs, there is nothing better than a nap!
- Elaine L.

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
I adopted BUTTERCUP (aka GIA) almost 3 weeks ago, and just wanted to share how well she is getting along with her 12 y.o. brother, Chubby. Thanks for rescuing and caring for all the kittens that are born out on the streets. Without QAS, kittens like her would have been left to fend for themselves with little chance to survive - and I wouldn't have found this delightful, ball of fluff and energy.
- P.S., Braintree

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
We adopted COOPER (came with the name Dooley) the beginning of 2009. He was an absolute love from the beginning. I soon became pregnant and have to say was concerned about how Cooper would be with our baby. Cooper had all our attention, he was our baby. Well as you can see from the photo Cooper and Matthew get along just fine. Cooper absolutely adores Matthew and Matthew absolutely loves Coop. Cooper shares his baby food, licks his face and cleans his spit up (haha) in turn Matthew squeezes Coop's face, pulls his hair and tries to bite his face! It's a bond..true love. Thank you so much for our Cooper!
- Katrina, Chris, Matthew and Cooper DiCesare

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
Hi! We wanted to update you on our now almost a year old kitten. We had adopted Kayla, a 3 month old kitten on October 9th, 2009 from Kitten Adoption Days at Petco in Quincy. We had just lost one of our cats (Pumpkin) to renal failure in Sept 09. We were heartbroken, we still had his brother Rambo who was not coping very well by himself. We decided to adopt a female kitten, as a companion. From the beginning they got along unbelievably well. We did not even have to separate them, it was like it was meant to be. She has been a great addition to the family. I can tell you she is nutty as ever, talks to birds, and bugs equally, she steals the kitchen sponge, and the strainer. We think she has a hoarding issue since we find everything neatly piled underneath the reclining couch. She has never met a roll of toilet paper she couldn't shred into pieces. We have to limit the Purina Dental Balls she gets, they to her are toys, she eventually will eat them but they end up everywhere, like under the couch, the fridge, the stove, she has herself a mighty good time. She will go into the shower with you (kind of strange for a cat) but she loves water. She harasses the fish, She even tries to help clean the tanks, but I don't think the fish appreciate the help. We have found that this Now is a two person operation, one to clean the tank, and one to watch the fish and Kayla. Her new habit is stealing the stickers off of bananas, she chases your feet when you try to go to sleep, God forbid you roll over.. every body part that moves gets attacked. She pushes your clothes out of the armoire onto the floor, and I can say keeps you very busy. Its so nice to come home, and find Kayla and Rambo sleeping next to each other, and playing together, and of course on different levels on the tree house both talking to birds. Thank you for such a wonderful Pet. She could not have worked out any better, we all love her to death. She is awesome !
- Linda D., Braintree

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
Hi, Max (Zeus) has been with us for two months now. Our last dog Monty passed away last April, he was about 11 and had cancer. We loved him. We thought he was the best dog ever. The dog of dogs.

Max moved in on Dec 5th, 2009. It was a little eerie. The transition from Monty to Max has been seamless. He just blended in and took over like Monty never left us.

There are differences. One is that Monty came to us at a time when we were busy with 3-4 kids, jobs, and a son who was just beginning to be a star athlete. Monty didn't get a lot of attention from just one or two of us and he didn't demand much. Max however loves attention and loves to go for long walks and runs in the woods.

Every morning he goes out for five or 6 minutes with Cheryl to do his business and then I eat my breakfast and we go out into the woods for about an hour or hour and a quarter. I walk about 1-1.5 miles, he runs back and forth sniffing for everything, chasing sticks, he has flushed rabbits and turkeys and squirrels. The woods are very large, several hundred acres. In 1.25 hours you can't see the whole woods. We could walk for 3-4 hours before covering everything. In two months we have not seen another person or another dog. Max is gnawing on my sleeves right now. It is time to go out, he knows it. However this is Sunday and the big walk is after church. We will go out for about two hours. I use a hand held GPS to know where we are. For years I bemoaned winters but these two last months have been great. I wear layers, long johns and sweats and insulated boots. We go over frozen cedar swamps and through thickets. I come back hot and tired even though it's 15-20 degrees. I have acclimated to being outdoors in the cold weather quite nicely. Max is very healthy and happy. I think he has gained about 5-7 pounds. He is extremely fast and behaves pretty well, no real chewing problems.

We will send pictures soon. My scones are coming out of the oven. Thank you very much.
- Ed H., Weymouth

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
Hi everyone... as some of you know I've been fostering a dog from the QAS recently... Bell (Tinkerbell) and her new bro Bosco in the above photo - It was such a great experience and after much deliberation between myself and Bosco we came to the decision to keep her!! It's always been a dream of mine to "rescue" - She's a great dog and deserves a good home. Nancy at QAS was fantastic!! THANK YOU QAS for ALL you do!!!
- Love, Brookie Bosco & Bell

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
Hi! I've been meaning to send photos of the kitten we adopted last April, and I've finally gotten around to it. We adopted "Minnie" in early April 2009, although we changed her name to Rylee.

We wanted a kitten, as we also have a dog, and we were worried about how the animals would adjust to each other. After a few days where Rylee was very afraid of our Corgi, Ruggles, she quickly fell in love with him! Now she hunts him and follows him around, and he's usually annoyed with her ongoing harassment. Rylee has been so great, and she adjusted very well to our little family. We absolutely love her, and she continually entertains us! In fact, she rules the roost!

Attached are a few pictures of her and her brother. Thanks for everything!
- Dan, Megan, Ruggles, and Rylee K.

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
Hello! So I figured it's about time I sent an update on PIPER and, quite honestly, I can't sing her praises enough! She's such a sweet dog and my family is absolutely in love with her. I recently taught her how to give her paw and now she's discovered if she waves her paw at you or rests it on your leg that she'll be petted (too smart!). She's taken to snuggling on the couch for the majority of the day and is always waiting at the door with her tail wagging when I come home from work.

She likes to sleep with me in my room and actually just got a big new bed of her own (which she LOVES because she isn't too fond of sharing her sleeping space). Her appetite has also improved greatly and she quite literally licks her bowl clean at every mealtime. We go out for walks every day and she's very well-behaved with her harness on - hardly any pulling! She's also taken to being my new running buddy and is a great motivator!

Piper's still a bit nervous about meeting certain people but she's extremely friendly to all dogs I've introduced her to (we actually have a play date scheduled for this weekend). Her and Samantha (her "sister" seen in the pictures attached) are new best friends! They love taking walks together and help each other find all the best places to sniff. I think Sam is enjoying having another dog in the house, though she does get jealous about all the attention Piper gets! However, everyone has settled down into the routine of things and we've found a nice harmony.

All in all, I think I found my soulmate! I couldn't have asked for a sweeter, more well-behaved dog! Thank you so much to you both for taking care of my sweet girl before we were able to find each other. And please don't hesitate to call or email at any time if you're looking for another Piper update. Next time we're in the Quincy area I'll be sure to bring her by for a visit so you can see all her new tricks!
- Megan

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
We have had REESEY (Calico) now for about a year and a half and she is doing wonderful. Her favorite thing to do is play catch with her big double paws and look out the window. She loves her little brother MACK (black and white), another addition to our family :0) Thank you QAS!
- Alyssa H.

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
KELLY seems very happy with her new home. Within a couple days we were best friends. We do everything together now. I've never had a cat adjust so quickly. She is awesome! You'll never know how grateful I am to have her. Thanks so much!
- Alice

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
TJ is such a sweatheart! He has become more confident. When he first came to live with us, he didn't bark much. NOW!, he barks at the birds, the squirrels and also looks up in the sky and barks at the planes when they fly overhead. He has become accustomed to the 'regular' house noises and will bark when there is an unfamiliar noise. Just last night, he barked in his sleep. Well, that's all it took for him to crawl out from under the covers and continue on with his barking to let us know he heard a noise. I honestly think the noise he heard was himself. He quickly settled down again and was fast asleep in no time. TJ usually sleeps in a ball with his tail curled around so the end of it is up by his nose. It is so sweet to see that bitsy end of his tail wiggling away, while still curled in a ball, when he sees you. I've enclosed two photos of TJ soaking up the warm sun. He loves a good sun patch! He loves to lay on the loungy chair! And you know what!? He even turns over to warm up his other side! He's no fool! He is sweet, he is happy and he is loved very much. Thank you ALL for all you do~
- Elaine L. (TJ's Mom!)

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
You blessed us the day you called and said come get ANGEL.

I will always remember that day! She has been with us for 2 years and 5 months now, it feels like we have been together always. She has filled our hearts with so much love. I can't stop hugging and kissing her when ever she is near. She is happy and healthy. Everyone loves her. They tell her how beautiful she is and she sits there and drinks it all in.

She is so cute, sometimes in the morning she still sits in front of the door so I can't get out and go to work. She loves to talk and we have great conversations. Both my mom and Angel are crazy about each other. Angel is an absolute love. She loves to play, especially with her catnip squirrel (it's about the size of your thumb). And boy does she love to drape. She loves to be groomed but when she has enough she gives me this look as if to say, okay that's enough. But she is so good for me when I groom her, I think she thinks she is at a kitty spa. She loves to have her nails clipped, she actually lays on her back to clip her back paws and she purrs while kneading the air with her front paws. People say how lucky she is to have us, I think they have that backwards, we are lucky to have her. She is our little princess. She now has a little 3 year old sister Willow and they are crazy about each other. They like each others company and they play all the time.
- Diane and Ethel P.

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
We wanted to say a big thank you for allowing us to adopt our adorable CODY (adopted as HARRIS). We've been together since July 30 of 2009 and the cat is thriving. Apparently, he has never been a lap cat - and will never be - but with every new week he is getting more and more affectionate and "human oriented". He sleeps with us at night, and wakes me up in the morning kneading the blanket, my face and everything else that's available nearby. He broke and crushed most of our lamps and mirrors and yet, now we love him even more. Thank you very much for Cody and all the miracles you do for these less-than-fortunate animals.
- Tate & Barbaros T.

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
Hi, CHIEF has been with us for almost a year and he's doing great! He remains bossy and full of tom-cat personality, but he secretly loves to snuggle with us on cold winter nights. He loves watching birds outdoors at the bird feeders and demanding fresh running water from the sink. He even plays fetch with his mouse toy and often brings it over to you when he wants to play. Here are some great photos of him snuggling in bed and hanging out with his brother Eliot. Thanks for bringing the Chief-ster into our lives.
- Jen

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
Hi, I am not sure if you remember me, but I got the QAS Newsletter in the mail today which made me think of the Shelter and how lucky I was to adopt my dog from there. I have had him for about 6 years now. Just wanted to send along some pictures & let you know that he is doing great and is loved more than words can say. We just came in from a walk at Bare Cove park - he went with 2 of his friends from the neighborhood.
- Best Regards, Stacy S.

Hello to everyone at Quincy Animal Shelter,
I would like to sincerely thank everyone at the Shelter for the fine care you gave to the two cats I adopted in December 2009. You knew them as John and Harlowe. They are now Denis and Greta. They are so happy and doing well!! They are playful and well-behaved. A little nail clip every month keeps their claws in check and they are very respectful of furniture, only scratching on their scratching posts! When they came to me they were so healthy and well cared for. I could tell they each got a lot of attention at the Shelter because they were so easy with people. They both get along with my two greyhounds, and they now know the pet birds are our friends (and we don't eat friends...)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You folks will never see them back at the shelter because they are in a very loving home!! They are such a joy. These two guys mean so much to me and I am so grateful to share my home with them. I've attached a picture of them.
- With Thanks, Arlene M.

Dear Kathleen and all my friends back at the Quincy Shelter,

I am so sorry: I should have written to you on my first Adoption Day Anniversary two weeks ago. I just got so busy, I forgot! With all that nasty wet, cold white stuff on the ground - all those little tracks in in our yard mean that there are lots of little rodents playing around out there that I should be bringing in as presents for my mother - but I still have lots of things to do.

I have lots of favourite places to sleep, the rafters to check out, water play in the basin, and Fergie and I get along very well. We aren't soul mates, but he is a very nice gentlement, always polite (well, he did smack me once, but Mother said I deserved it. He just hauled off and swatted me one, then walked away in the other direction. It was quite a surprise, since he'd never raised a paw to me before. Mother laughed so hard, I guess I won't try that again) and quite good company.

Anyway, I really have to thank you for finding me such a nice place to live, and I would love a visit from any of you again some time. My foster mother Jean said she'd like to come, but I haven't seen her and I would love to.
- Purrs from your friend Kenzie

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
Hello Everyone, I just wanted to stop by and let everyone know that Pumpkin is settling in wonderfully. We found a brand of wet food that she absolutely loves and she's been doing real good with eating. There isn't a lap that she hasn't given the 'snuggle test' to and she loves to curl up and sleep with grandma at night. She's adapting well to having a three year old around and sits quietly while Anastasia pets her and brishes her fur. She loves her little treats and actually sits up and begs when she sees the bag. Thank you all so much for helping me bring her into my family. She is amazing and so loving. All she wants to do is cuddle all day. Thank You!
- Erica S.

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