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If you have a successful adoption story about a Dog or Cat you have adopted from the Quincy Animal Shelter, and you would like to share your story here and in our Newsletters, please feel free to send us a photo or two and your information to:

Quincy Animal Shelter, P.O. Box 690088, Quincy, MA 02269 (please mark it Attn: SUCCESS STORIES)

You can also EMAIL your information and photos (.JPG format please).

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Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

Hi Jean, Just wanted to send a note to say Thanks to you and the rest of QAS staff. I appreciate QAS Volunteers taking such good care of CALI while she was there, and making the adoption process so supportive. Each and every person I met at QAS were so welcoming to my family and showed such love for Cali. My family and I LOVE Cali! She gets much love and attention. She is already comfortable with us and knows that this is her home too. It's fate that we ended up with her. She's a perfect match for what we were looking for in a dog. Again, Thank You for all your, and your Staff's, hard work. It did not go unnoticed. I've included a before and after picture of Cali from her Groomer visit. Such a difference! Thanks again!
- Sara P.

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
For someone who has never owned a cat (only dogs) I was not sure if a cat would be right for me. I had been to other Shelters and did not see any cats that I bonded with, and just figured it was a lost cause... until I met JILLIAN. The staff at the Shelter brought me over to her the minute I walked in, and once I put my hand in her cage and she snuggled right up to me - I was hooked. I adopted Jillian that same day in January and since then she has made herself at home and we've become fast friends.

Jillian is very playful and just LOVES to plop herself down on my lap and get her belly rubbed! During the day she is happy to follow me around the house and curl up in whatever room I am in. Although I work long hours, Jillian is always there to greet me at the door when I get home. For someone who lives alone, it is a great comfort to have a warm, friendly companion like Jilly-bean.

I want to thank everyone at the shelter for taking such good care of Jillian and bringing her into my life!
- Meghan

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
We brought home CHRIS on January 5th, and it he is doing great! We renamed him BUDDY, because we could not agree on any other name. He is the best "little" 12 lbs, isn't so little for a cat to me, cat we could have asked for. He is the lap cat that we wanted, he sings to us all the time, and he loves to play!!! All around the best cat for this house!! He is a good snuggler, and the kids are always wanting a turn with Buddy on their lap. He was sleeping on my daughter's bed, and my son got jealous, but Buddy didn't seem to like the top bunk where he slept. So what did he do? He moved to the bottom bunk, so that Buddy would sleep with him. After 2 nights and Buddy on stayed for 15 in each night he decide to go back up to the top bunk, but that just go to show how much he is loved in our house.

He can be found lying in the sun or in one of the windows checking out the birds!! He loves to play with his mouse and the yarn balls. When I work from home I can hear him playing and chasing the toys around entertaining himself. When the kids are here they love to play with yarn balls and strings and watch him play with them. I have attached some shots of him with the kids and chilling around the house. We can't thank you enough for introducing us to our little "Buddy". He is just what this family needed.

Thank you so much!!
- The Decie Family

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
We officially renamed SULLY - QUINCY (hmm, wonder how we got that name) Quincy is doing great! He did develop cherry eye in his left eye and has been on steroid/antibiotic treatment, we go for his follow up tomorrow to determine if he needs surgery on it - it looks to me like he will, but I will defer Dr Augusto. You will see the little red lump in one of the pictures. Quincy fits right in with the family, him and Irwin do lots of snuggling on the futon and love rolling around on the floor taking turns on playing the dominant role. He is pretty good with the kittens, though every now and then he gives them a good chase - but they are determined not give up their place in the kitchen - they have let him know too, I have seen one good scratch on his nose. Anyway, just wanted to share a follow up and a couple of pictures of the boys! Happy New Year!
- Kerri

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
Today is the one month anniversary since adopting 12 year old MAX (now changed to MAKS) and 5 year old VICTORIA (now called KATIE KAT).

One of the first things I did after bringing them home was to make Maks a grooming appt. to get a lion cut to remove all the matted fur. I tell Maks that he looks so handsome and he swishes his tail in agreement. He always comes to greet me when I walk through the front door so that I will give him a pat on the head. There was some hissing and growling initially when introduced to my resident kitties, Dot and Daisy. But it didn't take long until they found their ranking in the feline hierachy. I often catch them playing when they aren't napping or looking out the windows.

Katie Kat is still quite timid with the other cats so she prefers to hang out in my bedroom by herself or with me. She is a real sweetheart and has a lovely purr when she is content plus she has the most soulful eye. Katie loves to play "bat the catnip mice." I toss the toys in the air and she tries to bat them back to me. Good things come to those wait and I know Katie will eventually blossom into a cat comfortable in a multicat household.
- Mary Lally

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
Li'l Mo is doing well in his new home. We named him Pasha, which means "small." Although he will grow, his tail will always be thinner and smaller than the fluffy tails of our four medium-haired cats - Katiya, Dushka, Nikita and Misha.

So far, Pasha appears to be the lap kitty that my husband always wanted. He is very happy snoozing on my husband's lap and purrs when we pick him up. He has a great appetite (loves Hill's Science Diet kitten food) and drinks lots of water. He plays with a little plastic ball and he runs around with a ribbon in his mouth (we don't let him have the ribbon unless we're supervising - wouldn't want him to get it wrapped around his neck). He sits up like a dog and waves his front paws. Since he's a black and white Tuxedo cat, he looks like Keith Lockhart in a tux conducting the Boston Pops!
- Valerie Russo

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
I just wanted to thank everyone for our adoption of DUSTIN (now CIPHER, the Siamese Mix kitten). He is absolutely wonderful! He has clearly been well socialized, as he pretty much was the king of the house as soon as we let him out of the carrier and seems to have limited fear of our other 5 year old cat. He's already following us everywhere and cuddling with us at night, and plays constantly. As a former volunteer at the Medfield Animal Shelter, I was so impressed by your shelter's level of professionalism. So once again, thanks for the best birthday present ever and please find some photos below. Thanks!
- Martina N. DiNapoli

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
I just wanted to send an update about 2 kittens I adopted from QAS. My boyfriend and I adopted two 4 month old kittens, brother and sister named Thomas and Thomasina in mid October. We renamed them Figaro and Penelope and they're two of the best cats! The boy, 'Fig' as we call him, took to my boyfriend and can usually be found snuggled up at his feet or following him around the house. They do their 'boys' things like watching football or playing a video game together. The girl, 'Pen' took to me and she loves to curl up with me and get "lovin's."

Both cats are very snuggly and just started meowing when they realized how we respond to their cuteness! They love to play with ping pong balls, toy mice and each other. Figaro is a big boy and is growning so fast, Penelope is our little peanut, but getting bigger too since she is always trying to steal his food when we give them their wet food (which they are crazy about, by the way). Both love to sit on their straching post/perch and look out our windows.

Thank you for letting us adopt these animals, they've made us so happy and I'd like to think they are just as happy to be with us!
- Erin

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
Just thought I'd send some photos and update you all on FINNEGAN. I adopted Finnegan 7/18/09, he was 4 months old. He joined his new brother Beanie 4 yrs and sister Boo 4 yrs. It took Beanie a week or two to get used to this idea, but quickly realized he had some to run with. It's WWF every day. Boo doesn't like to wrestle, she leaves that to those silly boys, she does like to chase the stuffed mice with him if it doesn't interfere with her beauty sleep. In Oct Finn met his regular Vet, he weighed in at 9 lbs. I was told he has quite a bit more growing to do. He loves to eat and is the first one in the kitchen every morning frequently with his eyes barely open. He can also hear the treat jar open from the 2nd floor and comes running full speed so he doesn't get left out. Finn rarely has time to be held for any length of time since there is always a table or shelf that needs to be cleared, bags to climb into, and those dreaded stuffed mice to catch and put in the silk flower arrangements. He also has an affinity for water and comes running anytime he hears a faucet turn on, the dishwasher has him crazy since he can't figure out where the water sound is coming from. If the weather cooperates he goes out onto the screened in porch to watch the birds, squirrels and at night the occasional possum can be seen from the window. He purrs loudly all the time and seems quite content in his new home.
- Finnegan & Family

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
Hello, I am writing to give you an update on SAILOR - the Jack Russel I adopted in September.

We have renamed him, he is now CADET. He is such a fantastic dog. It is amazing to come home and see him so happy to see us; he books around the apartment, like he is running an agility course! He gets along with anyone, anything he meets and LOVES to cuddle up on the couch. He is still a little sap for treats, and when he turns on that charm he is almost irresistable. He is a very quick learner & has learned an additional 3 new prompts since he has moved in! We initially started him crated during the day, but he seemed pretty uncomfortable, so he now has free-roam of the apartment. Never any issues with accidents, or chewing anything other than his toys.

He saw Dr. Greentree and he said his Cherry Eye surgery healed up perfectly. He did notice in the eye had what is called quietscent punctate keratitis. We will treat it daily with cyclosporine, which is good because he is nervous about people touch his eyes - so there is definatly room for improvement. We are also working on his nervousness; he sometimes spooks when we are on walks .

Scott & I want to thank you for helping us find this wonderful dog, and of course CADET wants to thank you for placing him in his forever home! Happy Halloween!
- Christina, Scott & Cadet!

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
Hi, Remember us? We used to be MANNY and MONTE and were trapped on Brook Road. We came to the Shelter and went to live with a wonderful Foster Mom who gave us love and food and a soft blankie and stuffed baby.

A former Shelter Volunteer saw us one day and decided she had to have us. (We are convincing!)

We went home and after a few days of name guessing we became KLANCY and KOZMO!

We love our home, we love our big brother Kramer and our Dad. (He loves us too!!!!) But we especially love our Mom. We help her with everything. We sit on her lap when she reads, sews or watches TV. And if she takes a nap, Kozmo cuddles right with her under the covers.

Klancy is all black except for a silver spot on his chest. He has copper eyes and is very adventurous. (Ooops, sorry about the antique tea pot, Mom!) He loves to climb, sit on Dad's lap and gives Kozmo baths, even when he doesn't want one. He's very stealth-like and even sits in the fireplace. (Don't worry, its clean) Klancy even started out as a therapy cat. He visits elders and even FETCHES!

Kozmo is Mom's love bug. She says nobody can resist Kozmo's face and not smile. He loves to kiss and cuddle and loves to be carried around like a baby. Sadly, he outweighs most of the free world, so it's not an easy task. He's a little shy and needs coaxing around strangers.

The one thing we don't like about our home is they make us go to bed about eleven. Because Kramer is an elderly cat, he gets to sleep on the big bed at night. We have to sleep in our own bedroom (the downstairs bathroom) But we have our own Red Sox bed, our toys, food and a "box". Just for fun, we learned how to flush the toilet and can do it for hours on end if we think it's time to come out.

Anyway, that's our story so far. We're very happy and healthy and we hope all the kitties and dogs get furrever homes!
- Love, Klancy Douglas Kuper Cole & Kozmo Lovell Goodheart Cole

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,
Hi QAS, We just wanted to give a quick (and overdue) update about our calico cat f.k.a. "SARAH" now "ALLIE CAT". We adopted Allie in December of 2008 as a Christmas gift to our 4 year old daughter. Sarah had a slow transition into the family and lived under the beds upstairs for several months.. only coming down in the dark of night to eat - which is something we learned she really enjoys to do. Soon, she started to understand the rhythm of our house and the noises of 2 small children. Today, Allie is a beloved family member, sitting on my lap as I type this message. She is very much at "home" and is so tolerant of children and a very active home. I would guess that she likes us a lot too. We love her and thank you for all that you do. Recent photo of Allie attached. All our best.
- The Bliss Family - Kelly, Dan, Hannah, Tucker and Allie - Cohasset, MA

To all my dear friends at Quincy Animal Shelter,

Thank You for taking care of me while I was "in transition". And Thank You for getting me up-to-date with all my medicals, etc.

Now, I have to tell you, I LOVE MY NEW HOME!! I am the apple of every family member's eye here. The first night, my boy, Jeremiah (17 yrs. old), said, "I called it first, Chloe is sleeping with me!" And so it's been like that ever since. When he gets up at 5:30 in the morning to go to school, he puts me into Mama's bed with her. You know, I love cuddling. My big 6' 3" daddy, John, is totally smitten also. Mama says he's NEVER been this mushy in his whole life, but then, I have that effect on people, wouldn't you agree?

I haven't had one "accident" here, and I love my yard. It's huge for me, being such a little girl. Mama checked every nook and cranny looking for spaces that I could possibly escape from, and repaired them all. No flies on her, I guess. I like sunbathing too. We've had a few good days for that, so Mommy and I lay on the chaise together and relax. I chase squirrels and birds and "talk" to my neighbor, Honey, a 130 lb. Bull Mastiff too; (she's really a big, huggable, lovebug). Mama said it's alright for me to walk in her garden, (I told you I am the apple of their eyes) so I do, and explore the peas, the new flowers growing up and, did you know, asparagus is a perennial? Just thought I'd throw that in there...

I'm learning so many new things. And you know what else? Mama says I don't bark any more than any other dog, and she's training me when it's not appropriate. At least she realizes that I need a voice sometimes.

That's just the outdoors. Most of the time we are inside. I love to watch Mama cook, clean, whatever. We like to watch T.V. and my favorites are American Idol and Crime Investigative Series (I AM very inquisitive, you know). Usually, I know whodunnit, but Mama can never guess. I don't spoil it for her; I just finish watching the show until the end.

We often go, "bye bye's in the car" too. I love anything that means being with my parents. My first trip in the car was to visit my new Vet. It wasn't for a checkup; Mama just wanted to introduce me. She was SO proud of me. They gave me a complimentary weight and cookie. I weigh 8 Ibs. 10 ozs. Good to know, when shopping for new jackets, sweaters or, (I'm eyeballing a very pretty pink harness that I saw at Walmart) ooh la la.

Well, I could go on forever talking about my new family, lifestyle and home, but I have to go. There is breakfast to be eaten, squirrels to be put in line and naps to be taken. Thank you for my FURever home. Mama said I can only live here for 15-20 years and after that, it's start paying rent or I'm outta here. ha. ha. Silly mama. She loves me. Love and lots of doggie kisses (on the lips, of course)...

P.S. - Mama looked up my name and it's Greek - it means "Goddess of Agriculture" - no wonder I love the garden!
- Chloe

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter & Romy,

I'm writing to Thank You so much for the help that you gave to me at the Quincy Animal Shelter. Thanks to you, I am now the proud owner of MIA (formerly known as DAVIKA)! You continue to be such a great resource for me, and I hope you know how much I appreciate your ongoing support. MIA is adjusting well - I'll take your advice and try to pick her up :) It seems like she's on her own little schedule though! I'll keep you posted! Thanks for everything!
- Sincerely, Mary Kate P.

Dear Donna and all our friends at QAS,

We want to take a moment to Thank You for everything you did to help us take COOPER (aka DOOLEY) home! As we speak, his tail is going crazy and he's giving Chris lots of kisses! COOPER is doing amazng, and it's safe to say he feels extremely comfortable in his new home! COOPER has been a busy little dog with many trips to Petco and Wally Beach (except for when it snowed). With the warmer weather approaching, he'll soon learn a new phrase: "Dog Park!" COOPER also has had many visits to my parents' house, who have two dogs themselves. COOPER LOVES his "cousins" ABBY and MAGGIE! Sometimes, a little too much! :) From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You for all that you do, and all that you have done for COOPER. We have many, many pictures... hare are two for now! COOPER sends his love! Thanks again!
- With Warm Wishes, Katrina & Chris

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

This is a recent picture of LOUIE (formerly SEYMOUR) in a rare moment of repose. Although he is FIV Positive, he is the most active cat I have ever had. He runs around all day long, but every night he is in my lap, purring and kneading and curling up. He has a good appetite too - he now weighst 17 pounds, but he is not fat, he is very fit. Thanks to the man who found him and brought him to QAS, and Thanks to QAS for nursing him back to health.
- Ben Nicholls

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know how GARY the cat is doing. He is slowly adjusting to his new home. Took him to the Vet a week ago and he has an ulcer on his tongue so will be on antibiotics for 2 weeks. Other than that he is doing awesome and is a great addition to our family. He is one of the sweetest cats I've ever had! Thanks for everything! I attached some pictures of him too...
- Stacey

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

Princess and Daisy are settling in nicely. Both have let me clip their claws and brush them often because they are shedding a lot with the change in environment, no doubt. They are eating with gusto and jumping, no leaping on counters, etc. I've set up some boundaries after giving them the run of the house for a week and they seem fine with that.

They love looking at and listening to the birds and are enjoying the cat perches and wicker loveseat. I listen to a fair amount of classical music and they seem to like that, too. They sleep on my bed with their feet in the air, so I think they must trust me a lot and feel secure here!! I have to get some photos of that.

Daisy seems very deep and zen-like as I get to know her, and Princess is a true Pixie and monkey-like, too so I call her Monkey once in a while. She seems to be packing in a lot of living in a short time. They are both enjoying all the toys my Rock was too sick to enjoy. )-: (-: And, they seem to enjoy being together now that they have room to romp. Haven't seem them hiss or fuss at each other in a week.

Attached are some photos for the Shelter Success Story archive and to share with the Volunteers who, like you, cared so much about these dark beauties. Please tell everyone how they are doing and I will be taking more photos!
- (-: Pam

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

From Prince and Punk'n (formerly Tony) AKA the Awesome Pawsome:

Prince: My Momma has attached a few pictures of us. Aren't I so handsome? My favorite things are being brushed, my morning wet food, and cuddling with Momma. She gives me the best lovin's ever. I have been transformed from a wild cat to pussy cat. A big thank you to all of those who got me ready for my forever home.

Punk'n: Oh, he is so full of himself, I am obviously the most handsome one, look at that beautiful orange mane. I even got a lion cut for the Summer, which makes me even more handsome. Wait until later, he is so going to get it! My favorite things, I don't like much, but sleeping in the kitchen cabinets, on the window sill and the end of Momma's bed is pretty cool. When I am in the mood, I stretch out on Momma's stomach so she can pet me. Maybe I need a little more adjustment time. Ooh, what's that, gotta go and investigate...

We love our Momma and she is taking good care of us. We are glad we own her. Thanks for letting her take us home.
- Kathrine

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,


Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

NOOK came to us from the Quincy Animal Shelter. She was spayed at the VCA South Shore Animal Hospital and when put in a cage to rest, she would climb the 6 foot run and run to be with any human she could find. This is how I got to know NOOK - I am an employee of VCA. NOOK has been with us since January of 2007. Since then, she's had a few x-rays since her Mother (me) is a bit over protective and worries. Although she has been and continues to be very healthy, we found that NOOK not only has a bullet in her hip, but two steel pins in her back leg. I often think about what her past was like, but when I look into her eyes, all worries, thoughts, etc. disappear. She is friendly, caring, beautiful, loving - all I could have ever hoped for in a companion. We are so happy that QAS took such great care of her prior to NOOK moving in with us. We love her dearly. She has made my husband and I better, more caring and compassionate people.
- Sarah E. Jacobs, VCA South Shore #154

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

Hello all, we wanted to share some pictures of our kitty with you. We adopted her on May 16th - her name was SANTANA. We have changed her name to MIMI. She is doing very well and enjoying us as much as we enjoy her. Thanks again for the opportunity of adopting her!
- Cory & Jun

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

PETRA is the best kitten EVER! She's adorable, charming and very affectionate. Thank you so much for helping us give her a forever home!

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

Chesley is absolutely wonderful! He is my third cat so far, and he is the best by far!! He loves my kids, he follows them everywhere. He sleeps on my 6 year old's bed, which Nolan is thrilled about! He's just a big love bug. I've never had a more gentle, loving kitty. We all love him very much. I've attached a couple of pictures.
- Darcey

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

It's been nearly 5 weeks since I took Smokey James (now Roger) home with me. It took the better part of 3 weeks to integrate him with my female Tortie, but aside from a few hisses and some chasing, they're beginning to settle in together. He's very sweet, and very much a playful little boy. Pinkie and I are a couple of old gals, so his energy has taken some getting used to, but I've welcomed it. Roger eats as if he's never, ever been fed, and I've had to tie the kitchen cabinet doors shut, but again, it's a habit I think he'll grow out of when he realize that his two square meals a day are something he can count on. He's fascinated by the computer, and paws the screen when things move. I wish he'd stop waltzing across the keyboard! Here are a couple photos. While I don't like him to sit on the tables, he really likes this spot, and when it comes to kids, you gotta pick your battles. Besides, he looks like an Egyptian sculpture. Thanks, QAS. I love this little guy a bit more each day.
- Peggy M.

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

Thought you'd like to see a few pictures of PUDGY. He is still extremely camera shy, but is most fond of hiding & sleeping under mothers bed all day. He loves getting up with me between 3:00 & 3:30 a.m. jumping into the chair to watch me eat breakfast. Obviously there has been a lot of observation this first week on his part as well as ours.
- Bill Clark

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

MOLSON (formerly GIZMO), adopted January 8th, 2008 Update - Greetings from Molson (formerly Gizmo). It's been a year since I was sprung from the Shelter, but I feel like this has always been my home. I took to my new family right away. After a few months, I had so many toys and so much free time I didn't know what to do with myself. Thankfully my new parents brought me home a little brother, Joey. He's the best; he makes me feel like a kitten again. We share everything, and we even clean each other's "hard to reach" spots. I get to do my favorite things all day every day; sun myself in the windows, explore and climb, scratch my scratch pads, and sleep, sleep, sleep on "my spot" on the couch. My parents also play fetch with me all the time; it never gets old for them! Although I think fondly of the cat room from time to time and I am grateful for all the Volunteers who loved me and helped me find my forever home, I wouldn't trade my cat-tastic life for all the tuna in the world!
- Molson Sullivan-Whyte

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

Hello! I just wanted to share a few pictures with you. As you can see, they (CLARA & OSCAR, aka BOBBY & GARLAND) are getting along great. CLARA has adjusted so well - they adore each other. When I get home from work, I always find them asleep and snuggled together. They run and play, love toys and catnip, and we have to put their wet food on the same plate (or they will ignore one plate and only eat off the same one together.) Clara will now sit on the couch with us and even sleeps at the foot of the bed on occasion. OSCAR, as you can imagine, sleeps on our heads. I just wanted to let you know how well they are doing. Thanks a million!
- Sandy and Brian Mastrullo

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

Hi! My name is SAM. I am the most cutest Wheaten Terrier that you have ever seen (well, my Mom and Dad sure think so!) Too bad that you can't see what I look like. You see, my Mom takes sooo many pictures of me, but is really bad about posting them on the computer! She said she promises that she will do it soon, or have Dad do it! Anyway, Mom volunteers at the Shelter and that is how she found me! I remember the first time our eyes met. I can tell she fell in love with me at first sight because she came right into my "house" and just talked to me as she held me and told me that everything was OK now, and that I was in a good place where everyone loves me. Then, the night before Christmas Eve, Mom came to get me. I couldn't believe it - I was going to a forever home. A place where I would always be loved. I will never forget that night. I walked in and met my new brother Tucker. He is a Yorkie. He likes me, but is very protective over his bones because he's afraid I am going to steal them. After meeting Tucker I immediately claimed my couch. Since then Mom or Dad have not been able to sit on it unless it's to cuddle with me, because I took over the entire couch. Boy do I love it here. Mom takes me for long walks and car rides, which are my favorite! We even go to the beach. I love going to the Pet Supply store because they have a treat bar, and even though Mom and Dad buy me a whole bag of them I still stand there and eat them right there in the store. Oh yeah, eating is my other favorite thing. Sometimes on the weekends Dad will share his eggs with me. I usually beg from him because Mom's a vegetarian and her food is not as exciting as Dad's bacon! I am so thankful to Mom, Dad, and the Quincy Animal Shelter, because without them who knows where I would be. I don't like to think about that though. I just like to sit here on my couch and chew my busy bone (my favorite treat).
- xoxo Sam (my mom is Taylor and my dad is Steve)

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

Greetings! My husband and I adopted PIERRE (Peter) back in November 2007. He was a little under 1 year old then, and now he is all grown up and one happy kitty. He spends lots of nice moments cuddling and playing and sleeping in the sun. Thank you for giving us the great opportunity to adopt our pet at your Volunteer Shelter.
- Meredith

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

Hi! - Just before Christmas 2008 I adopted a kitten, Toby. I just wanted to let you know that he is doing well. He gets along great with my other cat, Tiger, and although he was very shy at first, he has warmed up to us. I just had a baby a few weeks ago, and when I got back from 6 days in the hospital, Toby was more affectionate than he has ever been. I have attached a few photos of Toby. Thanks for such a great kitten!
- Julie Ross

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

Wow! I almost forgot what it was like to feel the "love of cats." I had 3 cats for almost 20 years, since the day they were born, and eventually it was time for them to go to Kitty Heaven a few years ago. I could hardly bear the empty feeling in my life, when 1 cat passed away. And very shortly after that, the next one died actually of a broken heart. Then the third left my life. For a long while, I thought "never could any other cats replace Big Guy, Little One, and Pretty Girl". To this day they are still in my heart...

Well, I have a good friend named Kathy that volunteers at the Quincy Animal Shelter. Kathy kept on me for a couple of years to come on down to the Shelter and visit. It took a long while, but I finally did one Saturday morning. As soon as I walked in the Shelter, I entered the room where the kittens were. My eyes landed directly on a kitten, in a man's arms. (I thought to myself, that kitten is mine). I proceeded up to the man and asked him, "Are you dropping off that kitten or taken that kitten home?" He was going to take him home. I had my heart, mind, and soul on that kitten. I knew he was going to be a "KEEPER". Talk about, "Love at First sight!" I did my fast talking, and eventually had the kitten in my arms. I knew at this point he was mine. Well, the man said that the kitten has a sister in the cage. I went to the Shelter for 1 cat, but I reached for the sister and next thing you know, 1 kitten in 1 arm, and the other in another arm. I KNEW THEN, THIS WAS MY NEW FAMILY. So I spoke to the man for a while, and next thing you know, he took 2 other kittens and was just as happy. At that point, Kathy walked in the room, and just smiled as she saw me with the 2 kittens.

Now, Missy and Mickey are my life - always next to me, or on top of me, when I am in the house. One of the best days of my life was adopting my babies. They didn't replace my other cats, they just added love in my life, from that day forward.

Believe me, if you are thinking about adopting an animal, stop thinking! Just GO to your nearest Animal Shelter and have the connection I had, and live happily ever after!

TRUST ME, it will be the best decision you'll ever make!
- Mary

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

Hello! Here are some photos of Lucky, the 10 month old kitten we adopted from the Quincy Animal Shelter last week. She is doing great and has settled in nicely to her new home. She has become more and more friendly with our older cat, Papi, everyday. Her favorite toy is her ball and of course, the laser pointer. She purrs every morning when you wake up and loves getting belly rubs. She is just the cutest and sweetest cat I've ever met and we are happy to have her in our family. We want to thank you all at the Quincy Animal Shelter for helping us to connect with Lucky and for all your help, time and love to the animals in that Shelter.
- Christine and Anatoly, and Luck!

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

Kenzie is adapting, at her own calm pace. Of course when Deedee is living downstairs, she doesn't have much incentive to come upstairs, but when Deedee leaves, she comes up here. Yesterday she discovered the bedroom rafters all by herself, and today she has explored the main rafters. She is very careful, in keeping with her philosophical nature - and we're wondering if she has mild vision "issues" - but she is navigating well up there now. We now have three Crazy Hours a day instead of only two (evening and 4 a.m.): "Kenzie's Frenzies" are around lunchtime. Fergie is waiting for Kenzie's permission to approach her, and she, having at first told him to back off, isn't quite sure how to rescind that one without losing face. In fact she is rather wondering why he goes around her without saying anything. But they are both interested in each other and coexist in smaller and smaller areas with no hostility. It is all very peaceable - I have realized that Fergie is a true Quaker cat. I will be sure to send you the first photos of them together when it happens. Do tell Jean, who said she fostered Kenzie, that she too is welcome to come and visit her foster child if she would like - I don't think that would qualify as "flunking fostering"! All the best, and purrs from The Fuzz...
- Vicki Starr

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

It all started by watching the advertisement for Quincy Animal Shelter on TV. Then visiting the Shelter every day that it was open for a month straight. After looking & playing with the variety of cats, I still wasn't sure who to bring home. I ended up bringing my daughter & boyfriend to the Shelter. Each of us had our favorite, but HARRY (his original name) caught my attention. He was in one of the cages on the bottom corner, peering out.

As soon as I knelt down, Harry was purring & ready to play. He won my heart over on that May 2008 day. I brought Harry home & as soon as I opened his carrier & he hopped out, made himself at home like he belonged. At first he wasn't a cuddler, but after a month with us you can find Harry cuddling up behind our legs, at the end of our beds or sleeping on the recliner.

We have had Harry for 8 months now. Wherever we are in the house, Harry is right there with us. You can hear him coming from any room in the house, he's heavy on his feet.

Harry loves to play either by himself or with us. When playing Harry does somersaults & chases his tail. His favorite toy is his fishing rod. He'll drag it anywhere. He loves strings & his turbo ball.

Harry always wants to be in your face. He comes over & bumps his head against you. He loves to have his ears & face rubbed. He is very vocal, and always greets us at the door. Harry wakes me every morning with his purring. He loves his treats & will gladly give you a kiss on the nose if you ask him.

Harry is one of the best pets we have ever owned. Thank You, Quincy Animal Shelter for bringing him into our lives!
- Lisa, Joe & Brianna

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

Hello! This update on EGISTA (now AUDREY) is very late in coming! We adopted her over 18 months ago (I believe she was 11 or 12 at the time) from the Shelter after seeing her heartbreaking story on your website! When we first took her in, she was underweight, suffering from dermatitis, and had a very sad, thin coat of fur. After a rough start that included a difficult adjustment period of fighting with her new brother and sisters, a newly discovered seafood allergy, and a tendency to jump on the counters, the stove, and pretty much everything, we are happy to say that she has settled in and has been one happy and healthy kitty! She's gained weight and has a wonderfully healthy and thick coat of fur. She spends her days sleeping in one of her MANY favorite spots in the sun or chasing her toy mousies and balls. Often times while we're asleep, she climbs onto our shoulder and purrs at our heads. When she's REALLY happy, she lifts one paw into the air and kneads the air with her eyes closed - it is absolutely one of the funniest things I've ever seen!!! Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives. We are grateful every day for having her as part of our family. I've attached a picture of her.
- Kelley and Marc Larson

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

We haven't had much time to use the computer since KENZIE arrived! Kenzie is an amazing little girl! Really affectionate, very poised and of an Olympian unflappability - very philosophical for one so young. She is installed in the guest apartment downstairs, and I started out with the door-fixed-ajar idea. Now, however, all doors are wide open. Kenzie says she's not ready to come upstairs - even riding on my back (me bent over like an upside-down L!) she jumps off before the mid-landing. Fergie has been down to her place twice (he has never been in there before, and he is very curious about it - Beni told him there were mice there, although it was my employer's Rufous, whom I boarded last summer, who got two) but she told him she wasn't ready yet, so he has come back upstairs and other than peering hopefully around the bend in the stairs sometimes, is waiting patiently. Since she is no more aggressive than he is, things are calm. Curiosity and boredom will eventually bring them together, I feel sure, but the decision is hers. The way is open. Deedee arrives tomorrow evening, and will take lots of pictures. Kenzie seems to have no trouble with new food: I'm giving her a share of Fergie's wet food in the evening with Juice+ and fish protein supplements in it, and she likes it fine. Of course I'm still giving her the kibble she came with as well. Judy Mesheau is coming on Thursday to give K. her "well-cat visit" (nice switch from J.'s last two visits, which were to put Beni and Mal to sleep...L) so K. will have a folder in my file there - I hope we won't need it for anything but annual check-up and shots for a long, long time. Thank you for considering me an adequate cat mother - I can't imagine that the Tortie in Weymouth could possibly be as suitable as Kenzie, for both me and Fergie!
- Vicki

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

You had requested some pictures of SWEETIE (renamed PIPER) when she was adopted. The little kitty has two housemates, one of whom is a 1-1/2 year old female named Lily, who has become like a big sister to Piper. The other is a 3 year old male named Luther. You'll see with the attached pictures how happy Piper is. Right now all three are out in the Sunroom - there they can watch all the birds coming to a large feeder we have, and even better - the squirrels, Blue Jays and Tufted Titmouse come on the steps to collect peanuts. When the weather gets warmer, they will have a large screened in porch to enjoy. Piper is timid with new people but not with her housemates. She plows right into Lily's naps to get her head washed and has a look of total serenity about her when Lily obliges - which is all the time.
- Olivia and Karen Chamberland

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

Hi! I just wanted to check in because I had adopted LANEY, a long haired kitty in October. She is doing well and has settled in well.
- Natalie Gorbunoff

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

Hello Sandy & Wendy - John and Abigail are now Albert and Minerva! Minerva acclimated herself to her new home quite nicely. Albert, however, has spent most of his time here under the bed. He does come out often enough for us to know he's ok and he's eating just fine, so we'll continue to be patient. I don't think he liked it when I sat on him by mistake. Unfortunately, they both seem to like Brenda more than me... Thank you so much for taking care of them until they found us!
- John Reed

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

Hello! And thank you so much! :) Coquette is now "GENEVIEVE"! All of us, Genevieve included, are very thankful to all of you at the Quincy Animal Shelter for helping us to connect. Genevieve is very healthy, happy, and calm thanks to the good care and excellent system you guys have at the Shelter. It really feels as if we were always together! She arrived as if she had been traveling and was missing "home" :) ...when she came in, she examined everything quickly and with great curiosity, looking and finding everything in the "same" place it had been when she last left... (That was our feeling.) She immediately felt at "home", looking around and "talking" to us. She ate, took a bath and positioned herself in as gorgeous a pose as she could, happy to be "home" again! :) We are a more complete and happier family. Thank you all!
- Genevieve, Ines, and Marcos

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

We are two young cat brothers who wanted to let you know we are happily settling into our new home. After hiding for the first week, we realized it is not so bad here after all (especially since our Grandma bought us 6 toys for Christmas!) and have now been running around for a month and a half. Our favorite time of day is when our Mommy will sit on the couch and Brady (formerly Sal) can sit on her lap and Bruschi (formerly Salsa) can curl up next to her, and we must sleep on her bed every night. We are still sometimes scared of other people, but we like to show off by wrestling with each other and chasing each other around our house, and we impress all our guests by sticking together and showing that two cats are definitely better than one!
- Ellen McQuaid

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

Here are some photos of Belini. As you can see she has settled in nicely in her new forever home. We have been running a few new names by her, and so far we have found that she is so silly, the name Noodle has stuck. She is a lovely cat, and very funny. She came downstairs this morning to the family room, (yesterday for the first time on her own) picked up the fishing pole type toy and carried it upstairs to the living room. I guess it is a better room to play in. She loves looking out the window as you can see, so we have rearranged some towers and beds to accommodate her and her housemate, Swifty. We have found her sleeping under the covers some times when we get home from work. She is under the covers and Swifty is on top. I think he likes his new girlfriend.
- Nancy and Danny Bonoli

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

Hi! This is Sandy Mastrullo. My husband Brian and I adopted Garland and Bobby. We could not be more delighted. They are fabulous cats. Garland (new name Clara) has taken up residence in our bathroom (we are giving her some time to adjust) and Bobby (new name Oscar) is just the snuggliest thing in the world. It took him about three minutes to adjust to our home and adhere himself to us! Both of them are a wonderful addition to our home and we could not be happier.

Our hearts were broken when our beloved cat Barney passed away, and we are just thrilled to have these two. We are taking it very slow with Clara, but she has been purring and letting us pet her. Oscar hasn't left my side (he is on my lap sleeping as I write this) and he is just the most affectionate cat I have ever met. We will send pictures once they get settled into their life together in our home.

We also are incredibly appreciative of all of the staff at the QAS, (especially Maura and Mary Helen.) Everyone was so helpful and gave us plenty of information so we could make the best decision for the cats to add to our home. We are looking forward to giving (and receiving) lots of love from Oscar and Clara.
- With sincere Thanks, Sandy and Brian Mastrullo

I just wanted to say Thank You for the kittens. We came by and picked them up on Saturday. Ben has adjusted wonderfully. Laurel loves him. He has full roam of the house and even teases the dog. He is quite active and quite a character. Pippin is taking his own time. He stays in Lindsay's (she's 12) bedroom and doesn't leave it. He likes to be under the bed or in with her pajamas. She adores him however and with her love and support I am sure that he will come around in time.
- Linda S.

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

Update - this taken yesterday - they have stopped hiding under the chairs and will now sit in the chair - or as they prefer to think of it, their throne. They allow us to approach the throne, especially when we bring offerings.
- The McFaddens

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

Hi all, We adopted ZOEY, a Brittany Spaniel in October 2004. Her profile at that time said she was "unfriendly", nervous and a barker, and should go to a home with no children. Well, four years later, as you can see by the attached photo, she is best friend to our granddaughter Meghann. She is still cautious when strangers come to the door and we have given up trying to stop her barking (although it has gotten less and less). She is a wonderful girl and well loved by her forever family which also includes 2 cats. Thank you for the work you do at QAS and wishing you the very Happiest of Holidays this season.
- Sincerely, Nancy & Will Boehne

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

This is MARGARET, writing to say Hello and Happy Holidays! I was adopted back in February 2008 and I love my new home in Marina Bay! I get to sleep pretty much wherever I want to, I love digging around in the closets, and in general, I am totally spoiled! I wanted to say THANK YOU for taking such good care of me while I was at QAS, and I know the cats and dogs that are there now are also getting the best care. Hopefully they will find their forever families soon! Best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a very happy 2009!
- Love and Purrs, Margaret (and owner Judi)

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

We were having days and days of torrential rain. My son who lives in an apartment in Quincy found this little kitty running to him every night when he got out of his truck in his apartments parking lot. After she ran to him the fourth night he picked her up and brought her inside for the night. By morning kitty was dry and comfy but now we learned that the flea infestation wasn't just kittys problem. The staff at the Quincy Animal Shelter treated the kitty for the flea problem, gave her a rabies and distemper shot and asked TJ if he could be her legal Foster Dad until there was room for her in the Shelter. TJ and kitty were sent on their way with a crate, a fluffy bed, kitty litter and food. For a young guy and his sweet girlfriend who had never owned a cat e-v-e-r, the story had just begun!

Within days everyone learned that kitty would not be able to stay in the apartment due to the no pet rule ...... so let's take her to meet Mom and Dad over the weekend ...... and Dad always said he didn't like cats, so this wasn't going to be easy.

Sunday night when it was time to go home, kitty went along as all good kitties should, but when Dad came in later that night and kitty wasn't there to be with ..... well someone heard him say, "gee, I was hoping she'd still be here at the house for a little while. Funny thing, I kinda miss her! What kinda cat was she anyway? She really was kinda cute.

Here it is December 08' and last weekend, Mom and Dad went to the Shelter and adoped MCLOVIN to make it all legal!! Those we met at the Quincy Animal Shelter were all wonderful people. All of them give of their time and love for animals in need. McLovin will be well taken care of and already is very much loved.

Many thanks to all of you for all you do for these sweet animals in need.
- Sincerely, McLovins Family

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

About a year and a half ago, my boyfriend and I visited the Quincy Animal Shelter with anticipation of finding the perfect cat, offering a warm home, and of course, spoiling them rotten. We instantly fell in love with a big orange Tabby now known as MO, short for MORRIS JR. (formally named RUSTY by his friends at the Shelter). The night we picked him up he immediately made himself at home, as if he had lived here as long as we have. He thoroughly enjoys hogging all of our full undivided attention, whether it be begging for food, wanting a warm lap, or desiring to rough house with one of us and some of his toys. (And if he doesn't get enough attention, he makes it known by chasing our legs as we walk past him!) He has a very distinct personality - he can go from a snuggling love bug to a predator on the hunt in a matter of seconds. (Must be the outdoor skills that he'll never lose!!!) We are very thankful for the Volunteers at the Quincy Animal Shelter that took him and all the other pets abandoned by their owners and left at the front door. The selfless time and effort that the Volunteers donate pays incredible dividends in pet adoptions such as our own. MO means more to us than just a pet; he's a member of our family. We have both grown up around cats, but MO is our first cat adopted from a Shelter, and we can see a genuine gratitude in his affection towards us for what we provide to him every day, and we entirely thank the Quincy Animal Shelter for providing such wonderful service to the community. Happy Holidays! PS - Enjoy the pictures - MO picked them out himself! (And the cat carrier that he quickly outgrew!!!..)
- Nicole, Jon, and Mo!

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

Hi There! Remember me, It's HAZEL! I just wanted to let everyone know how I was doing since I was adopted on Nov 15th, 2008. I am loving my new owners. I have really opened up to them, it may have taken a few days, but I had to make sure the time was right. They take really good care of me, especially when they feed me the good stuff. My day is a busy one, it consists of sleeping on their couch, chair and bed and even their lap. I was even able to climb their Christmas Tree, until they caught me in it, hehehe! They still love me alot though. Well, I just wanted to let you know that I was doing great. Thank you for all you did for me prior to my adoption.
- Love, Jeff, Amanda and of course, me, Hazel!

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

My name is Jo, and I adopted BONNIE (now ZOEY). Mary Helen Mahoney helped me with her adoption, and I'm happy to say that everything Mary Helen told me about ZOEY is true. She is a total love bug, and purr bug and LOVES to play. She still chases her mouse every day, and she brings me lots of love and laughter. I've attached some photos and I just want to say THANK YOU for taking such good care of her. She fit into my home right away! Thank YOU! Best Regards and Happy Holidays to all!
- Jo

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

Hi guys, don't know if you remember this guy but its GINO who I adopted about 3 years ago who at the time was the most timid animal at the Shelter. Well as you can see he is still doing quite well. He loves to hang out with the plants and play under the coffee table and even though he wont let you pick him up he'll always sit on the couch or lay by my feet.
- Robert Barnes

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

Hey! This is BAXTER (white/grey) with my best friend & roomate TIGGER. I was adopted on 7/7/07 (lucky 7's for my owner/"Mommy" for sure!!!) and even though Tigger was here before me, I am Mommy's favorite (that is my story and I am sticking to it!). I am having a great time with Tigger... helping each other clean ourselves (what we were "caught" doing in this picture), play with each other, sleep next to each other and, at times, try to kill each other, just like human "brothers" do! Everyone that comes to visit loves me because I am so loving and affectionate, but also because I think I am a dog most times. When someone comes to the door, I make sure I am there to greet them and get some "lovin'" from them while I flop on the floor to make sure they get a chance to rub my belly! Sometimes, when I am playing with my favorite ball toy, I even "growl" like a dog when someone gets too close and I don't feel like sharing. But, even though I love to play, I also love to cuddle up with "Mommy" while she watches TV, works on her computer and especially when she sleeps. QAS: thank you so much for letting me meet and live with my "Mom" and best friend. It has been the best thing that has happened to all of us and we wouldn't change a thing (except maybe have "Mommy" work a bit less. LOL!) XOXO - BAXTER - Thank you for doing what you do and I hope others can also be able to give in this tough economic time when it seems like you need it the most.
- Carolyn O'Reilly

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

I too have been blessed with 2 furry babies who found me at QAS. In January 08 I visited the Shelter in hopes of finding a cat who wouldn't replace the sweet one I just had to put to sleep, but to fill the gap which she left in our home. After 15 minutes of looking into the cages and seeing the hopeful faces peering back at me, I saw what I felt was the most magnificent cat I'd ever seen. She snuggled up to me when I held her, and started purring immediately. I was hooked. I knew she was the one that would help fill the emptiness in our home. Her Shelter name was MISSY but she's MISS PUTTY TATT to us.

Then one morning in October 08, I was just about to go into the Shelter when a car pulled up at the front door. A man got out with a small box and explained he had picked up a small kitten living in the bushes on the Logan Airport runways. He worked at Logan and was a Quincy resident and couldn't take care of her. She was so tiny she fit in the palm of his hand and smelled like deisel fuel. We brought her in to the Shelter and gave her a warm bath and some food and noticed that 1 of her paws had been injured but it seemed to be healing. After being checked by the Medical Team it was determined that she was a little under weight but healthy and probably 5 weeks old. She spent the next few weeks living with us in a foster situation till she was old enough to be adopted. Her Shelter name was SKYLAR but we call her DIESEL.

Miss Putty and Diesel live with a 4 year old Westie named Bitty and an 11 year old black and white "full figure" sister cat named Chickadee. Thank you Quincy Animal Shelter for introducing us to our new family members. Our days are filled to the brim with cuddles, nuzzles, wagging tails and joy.
- Lynda Southerland

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

We adopted FINNEGAN on Labor Day and he is the best dog ever! We're both musicians and we have been training him to come to classes and rehearsals, and he sits and waits and doesn't try to sing along. I remember you had him labeled as a Cocker Spaniel mix, then that was crossed out and you had him as a Tibetan Terrier mix. We can definitely see the Spaniel in him now -- maybe he's both. Or maybe he's got some Poodle in him. Who knows! He's just perfect!
- Daniel P. Kamalic

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

DOMINO in his new home! Domino is really a great dog and we are so happy with the service we have received from your organization.
- Vincent Meglio

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

Hello to all of the Volunteers at QAS! I am writing to give an update on my girls MAXINE & BEATRICE (formerly MAGGIE & PEACE). I lost my 10 year kitty companion to cancer in August, and quickly decided that I could not stand a house without pets. I truly believe that pets pick us as much as we pick them, and on my second visit to QAS, Maxi and Miss B (their nicknames) appointed me to be their new Mom. I have now had them for 6 weeks and I just love them.

Maxine and Beatrice did not know each other before I brought them home together. Maxine hid INSIDE my sofa for 2 days and little Beatrice ran around at half-height investigating. I was nervous about introductions but followed the rules -- boiled chicken is a miracle worker -- and on the third day I allowed them in the same room with supervision, and by the 5th day I was able to leave them alone together for the entire workday. They now love each other and sleep together, play together, and give each other baths! They have taken 2 road trips with me to visit my parents, and have done remarkably well getting to know another house, lots of people, and even little kids.

Maxine is just the sweetest girl and has lots of love to give. She started off a bit skittish but I have learned that she'll do anything as long as it's on her terms - not mine! She's very smart and thinks about things before she does them. She is also a master at making me think that her sister is the one getting in trouble! She talks all the time and has taught Beatrice how to make the same noises.

Beatrice is a feisty Tortie but she is so stinking cute that I can't ever be mad at her. She walks with a little swagger, chases her own tail, and routinely instigates playtime with Maxi. She wakes me up between 3:30-4 every day (grrr) but it's with a motorboat purr, head butts, snuggles under my chin, and kitty kisses. How can I be mad at that???

I am so happy to have them! Pets fill our lives with such humor and love and these two are no exception. Thank you for taking such good care of them before I adopted them.
- With many thanks, Kristin Miner

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

I wanted to give you an update on NATASHA and STANLEY (formerly AUSTIN.) We adopted them about a month ago, and they are a completely delightful addition to our household. The night we brought them home, they were understandably a little freaked out (Natasha hid in a cubby next to the VCR, and Stanley stayed next to the refrigerator), but since then, they have opened up and are so affectionate and sweet and playful.

Their favorite place to hang out is under our dining room table. We call it their "kitty condo" because it's all dark and comfy under there for them. We have a cat bed that sits on one of the chairs and they rush to see who can get into it first. They love the velvety dining room chairs...which is great because they're totally uncomfortable for humans. LOL!!

They love sitting in front of the sliding door smelling the sea air and watching the sea birds fly by. It's cat television! Natasha is a little purr bucket and will rub everything in sight. Stanley like to have his belly rubbed and both of them have started sleeping with us.

They're just a ray of sunshine in our lives and we feel so fortunate to have found them and been able to give them a home together. Although they're five years old, they act like little kittens. We're thrilled to have them and thank you guys for taking such good care of them and providing them with a home until we came in to adopt them.

You're wonderful people doing a good thing...taking care of little animals. Thank you for all you do and for the love and kindness you show to animals who get so mistreated by stupid people. We'll keep you posted on the kitties! Here are some pictures for your website. All the best!
- Marley and Mike Gibson, Natasha and Stanley

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

Hi Kathleen - I haven't spoken to you since shortly after we brought ONYX home this past February, but CHESTAH really wanted me to send you an email to let you know how they are doing! Chestah is an amazing cat, and we are convinced he is part dog! Not only does he love going in the car, but when we pull into the garage, he hops out and runs to the door and sits for us to open it. I know that Chestah is an extremely special cat and I feel blessed to have him. I am convinced that he understands everything we say as well because he is constantly talking back to us.

Onyx is also doing very well in his home. There are still moments when the 2 of them roll around and seem to have a good hold on each other, but for the most part you can tell they truly enjoy each others company. I even suggested that we may have to think about bringing them home a little sister friend =) But all in all, Onyx is such a cuddle bug and a purr machine. He has such a silly personality, and is so smart as well, but doesn't meow at all. I think I have heard maybe 2 decent meows from him for no reason, but for the most part he just sort of hums or chirps.

Chestah will be 2 on November 12th, and he's already gotten his early birthday present. We bought them a big wooden, carpeted multi-level condo. I think Onyx enjoys scaling the side of it because I'm constantly catching him hanging by a paw and almost doing a pull up. It really is a sight.

I didn't mean to make this so long, but I just wanted to let you know about my sweet babies. Please pass along the good word to anyone that maybe remember Chestah (brought into QAS in November/December 2006), and Onyx (found in CVS parking lot in carrier with his sister Opal), and let them know that OC are definitely the most spoiled cats in the history of Quincy. Enjoy the pictures I'm attaching as well. Chestah and his pumpkin, which he goes running to when I ask him where it is. And Onyx, hiding in my black pants, sneaky sneaky! I cannot thank QAS enough for guiding me to my own "OC" Thanks again!
- Lindsey & Jonathan - human parents of Chestah and Onyx

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

Just when I thought that fate had dealt me a cruel blow as I ended up in a cage, one of the Volunteers took me in as her own and brought me to my soul mate Charlie. He is so in love with me, can't you tell? He follows me everywhere. As you can see from the pictures, he loves to be wherever I am. And he likes looking at me too. I can't say as I blame him - God was good to me in that dept! I love him too. He's a great guy! Thank you to QAS for bringing us together. I will be forever grateful.
- Lucy (formerly Mama)

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

August 21, 2008 - Hello Everyone! It's me, TEDDY. Well, actually, I have a new name, and it is SAM. Helen calls me SAMMY sometimes. I have to admit I like the name. I wanted to let you all know that I am settling in quite nicely with Helen. She is treating me really well. Helen rubs me all the time and I purr like crazy! She loves to smooch me on my head. It's not so bad but I have to act like I can't be bothered. I do like to cuddle up with her in bed at night; this way she knows I like her. It didn't take me long to figure out how to get on Helen's bed. I think she was impressed by how I have managed to find my way around the place. I like to snoop around, look out the balcony door to watch the birds as well as anything else that might be happening outside.

My behavior has been pretty good. I like to rub up against Helen's legs, especially when it is time to eat. She has given me some really fun toys. I love playing with them. I have put in a couple of pictures so you can see how much I am enjoying being with Helen. We are working on my scratching. I am doing okay with it. I sometimes get told "no". I can handle it because I have plenty to keep me busy and distract me.

Today I get to meet Dr. Walker! Helen really, really likes Dr. Walker. He has been her vet for about 17 or 18 years now. I guess he must be a pretty good guy. Hopefully, he can do shots today. I wonder if he is going to suggest that I take heartworm pills. Regardless of what happens, I am looking forward to hear what Dr. Walker thinks about me.

It is hard to believe that I have been with Helen for almost two weeks now. It has gone by quickly. She had to go to a meeting last week and left me for a few hours. It wasn't too bad. Helen left the television on for me and I had plenty to play with. I have met a few of her neighbors and they all seem to love me. What's not to love about me anyways? I am good-looking and know how to suck people right in to thinking I am cute. Michael and Jen, who live down the hall, bought me a toy that I like to bat around on the floor. Jen had to put her cat to sleep last year so she gets down on floor with me, plays, and pays me lots of attention. Peggy comes down to see me as well. She laughs at me a lot because I sometimes do goofy things.

I think it is time for me to go take a nap. I will send more pictures so everyone can see how big I am getting. I am glad that Helen chose me! This is a great home to be living in. On a serious note, I want to say thank you for taking such great care of me before I got to Helen's. I know that the other cats and dogs are in great hands and hopefully they will also end up in good homes like me. Thank you so very much!
- With Lots of Love, SAMMY

Dear Quincy Animal Shelter,

(Dated 2-19-2008) - It has been almost a month since we adopted JAMIE, the black & white six month old kitten. We just wanted to let you know that JAMIE is doing very well settling in to her new home. JAMIE is recovering nicely from surgery (she got spayed) and is very healthy and happy. She loves to play with her toy mouse and run from one side of the house to the other. It is easy to see why she broke her tail! She is very affectionate and loves to sleep on your lap. We love JAMIE very much and will continue to spoil her and make sure she feels at home. Thank You very much for helping us find the perfect kitten to welcome in to the family. We will be sending more pictures of her and update you on how she's doing frequently. P.S. - JAMIE loves to watch the birds on the new feeder we got as you can see in the picture! (You may notice that she has already grown a little!) We also may drop by soon to give some donations and for JAMIE to visit!
- Love, Robyn, Lori, Jamie & Family

- HANNA & GRADY in their new home!

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